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    okay peeps her s how its going down ( ya I'm fighting my sleep & I'm gangsta .. maybe cause i was int he wrong part of town today...) anyways its all about the wii. i wanna know what games you like to play or games your looking forward to getting since i have been having steady enough cash to deck out my wii ^^

    i really right now am into COD3 its awesome but i mostly buy games from the virtual consoles so i want a arcade style joystick like this one

    Digital Arcade Stick for Nintendo Wii : Target

    I love to play Guitar Hero 3 and i cant wait for the new Call of Duty to come out.

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    As for the Arcade style joystick, those are mostly only good for fighting games like Street Fighter so if you want to play a game like Super Mario Bros, I suggest getting the Wii Virtual Controller (it look like an old SNES controller) or get a Gamecube Controller.

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    well i don't remember last time i checked but isn't street fighter on the virtual console?
    i know its compatible with most games that use the wii virtual controller (btw i have both you mentioned) i dunno i really want it cause it reminds me of when my older brother would take me to the arcade at the mall and i would watch hi play street fighter

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    If you want to get it go ahead ....I have one like that for my SNES (I know I'm old and I'm only 19 :P) Also yes, Street Fighter 2 is on the Virtual Consoles along with a bunch other fighting games....

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    yeah i think i might though i was gamstop yesterday and its $50 gahhh

    yeah oh while im here i might as well ask who here is getting mario kart wii?

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    I already got it, honestly it isnt that great dont waste your money its not very good instead get super mario galaxy , boom blox or super smash brothers brawl instead.

    If you want to play classic games just go to most any old goodwill , Salvation army or any other thrift shop and get a old Super Nintendo with games for like ten bucks. Honestly you could get so many more games for the actual system instead of buying them for alot more on the virtual console.

    .25 cents apiece at a thrift store
    5.00 each on Wii's "virtual console"

    Try this site if you wanna get some cheap old games. - Categories

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    ehh i know i have all my old games i have dealt with having like to switch from 5 diffrent game consoles and i dunno i like my wii

    gah you defeated the purpose i am buying new stuff for my Wii.. i was kinda asking what kinda games are others here into that are worth getting and such....
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    with the classic controller you can play EVERY VC game with it and you need one just to play 64 title games. I'd only suggest getting two or more if your planing to pick up Star Fox 64.

    Anyways I have Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Mario Kart Wii and Pokemon Battle Revolution.

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    Super Smash Bros Brawl. One of (if not) the best games you will find for the Wii.

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