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Thread: how often do you change your diaper?

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    Default how often do you change your diaper?

    Ok how offend would you change adult diaper with Maximum Absorbency for day and night use?
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    If I am understanding your question, how often do I change my Maximum Absorbency diaper per day?
    Well I use Abena Xplus M4, and depending on how much I drink, There are times I only use 2 a day and then on times when I drink a lot I might use 4 in a 24hr period.
    When you are talking about Maximum Absorbency, that is a huge range of products. Depends Maximum Absorbency I would probably go through 6 or more a day.
    Each one of use will have somewhat a little different answer to this because of the type of diapers we wear, how much fluids we take in, and a variation of other things that can affect having to change your diaper.
    The best thing is to find what you can afford and test them out to where you know your limits in them.

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    I wear this there cloth back like most brand now and here link for them Reassure Maximum Briefs

    How offend should change I only wet a small about at time because I got like over active bladder but it mental reason have bad epilepsy so brain send signals wrong.

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    I like to have it on untill its about to leak. I use Abena M3.

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    Good diapers can hold a lot - I use 2-3 in a 24 hour period - you can go on until it's uncomfortable or very heavy or (if you have problems at the "other end" - messy.) Diapers cost a lot and it's sensible to get maximum use from them - just don't risk rashes etc by trying to make them last longer than you feel is sensible.

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    Good diapers 3-6 a day crappy diapers(depend,prevail,kendall,certainty,Walmart and pharmacy brand) 6-10 a day I am epileptic too...

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    i wear tranquility slimlines and probably use 3-4 per day and one 24/7 overnight. Today i tried to stretch the slimline too far and ended up with wet jeans. Gotta change after 5 hours...

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    On average I change every eight hours. I'll change when it's convenient, or when the diaper gets too full, or when it's wise because I'm going out or taking a nap, or doing something where having a dry diaper on is wise. My three key concerns are leaks, hassle, and expense.

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