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    Just wanted to introduce myself around here. Ive lurked for a little bit, and been around a few other communities. Figured id settle in here finally!
    Lets see, im a "barely" AB (18), and general diaper lover living in sunny California.
    Im pretty into stand up comedy, and comedy in general.
    I guess thats about it, haha.
    Im looking foreward to getting to know all of you!

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    Nice to meet you CS I'm new here too. Do you have a favourite comedian? I probably wont know them, haha I'm not really familiar with American comedians but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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    Life just ain't as fun if you don't have something to laugh about eh? Some of those comedians turn out to be pretty insightful. Welcome!

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    Welcome Cssandiago to the site. I certainly appreciate a good laugh, and watching something funny on tv often helps relieve the stress of the day. I hope the site meets your needs, and that you feel comfortable to join in the many discussions. You'll find that I do have a good sense of humor and have been known to say a few funny things, especially some of my stories and responses.

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