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    i have been in diapers for over 20 yrs now,and seen alot of urologists that told me i might have overactive bladder and use diapers 24/7.i have a new urologists and she specialities in overactive bladder/urge incontinence.that is my problem.i just went to tell you a little about me,i like to play video games and watch old black&white monster movies.the other thing i like is old tv shows from the 70's-today.i do like to watch sports on tv.the person i like to meet is a female,who likes to change wet diapers and put a fresh diapers on me.also has to be understanding,caring and nice too.i hope everyone i meet here is understanding of me wearing diapers 24/7.

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    Two hours and no one has welcomed you, so consider yourself welcomed to the site. I like old shows, but mostly really old monster moves. I too watch sports, mostly football. My one son is a high school football coach, so football is big in our family.

    I hope you enjoy the site and that it meets your needs. Feel free to post and become involved in the many discussions.

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