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Thread: DL on a budget.

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    Default DL on a budget.

    I know every one likes to dump on depends (no pun intended) some say they leak and the tapes don't hold. I don't think that depends are that bad honestly. With depends i can wear 3 or 4 a day and not feel bad. If I wore M4 or bambino. I would have to take out a small loan just to afford the lifestyle. Since depends occasionally leak i use under pads or plastic pants. Is anyone else on a budget like this?

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    Yes...if I ever moved out, I don't see how I could ever afford to buy those top-of-the-line diapers. I would definitely love to try them out at some point though!

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    Butterfly Mage


    For decent diapers on a budget, the Attends Breathable is the best bet. I get them for $40 for a case of 72. They absorb about twice as much as a Depend diaper.

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    Yep sure am.. I just saved money to just try the M4's an see what they where like but now again money has become a problem an so i am going to go back to depends or walgreens diaper's I was able to get 2 packs of M4's but gotta wait untill tuesday to get them. But after they are gone I will have to go back to the store brand. an I would pick depends over walgreens just bc i like the plastic backing to them. an the leak guards they have an all i do is dubble them an they last for awhile.... so ya depends are not that bad of a diaper in my eyes...

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    i had a look on amozon, they have a fair range of nappies, and i saw some were 90 nappies for 30 pounds

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    I think it all comes down to your physical build. What diaper may work well for you, may be considered a sucky diaper by someone else. Personally, I use Wal Green's Certainty diapers as a stuffer to the premium diapers I have. If I am going to be alone for a while and want to 'bulk up', I will wear two Cetainty diapers then a premium diaper over that.

    But I agree, when you are on a tight budget, just about any diaper you can get your hands on is a good diaper, lol.

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    hi man were about r u in the uk

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    Depends are not as good as the cheaper store brands. Walgreens frequently has really good discounts like buy one get one free or buy one get one 50% off which makes them less than half the price of depends with more absorbancy. Neither product works great, but for the price nothing can beat walgreens not even depends.

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    My budget the same way. But To use 3 or 4 depends a day with a pad and plastic pants. Dont you think would equal about the same as M4 or Bambino. With out the Pad and Plastic Pants? It could depend on where you live.

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