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Thread: Buying online and ensuing regret?

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    Default Buying online and ensuing regret?

    Hello all.

    Well I've come to the conclusion that I wish to buy online to buy better diaper products.
    The thing is, however, I do not live alone. I live with my parents and a brother. I am wondering what tactics I could use to order them, and have them shipped to my address without any suspicion. I have had misc items shipped to my address before, so hopefully my parents won't get any suspicion when I order them (I am more or less confident about that plus it's Christmas time, and I am also order some products online for gifts, so I have that advantage as well).
    I know there are articles on this website to help with that, but I also have a pressing question. When I buy diapers, I usually regret the purchase, but later I don't, and then I do, and then I don't. Should I order online then? I would have to use my credit card. I'm just wondering what I should do if I regret my purchase? Just grin and bare it? (What I usually do). How would I know for sure that buying online is the wise idea?


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    Ship it to your nearest post office or if it's a courier get them to hold it at the depot.

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    Do you have a UPS Store or similar place nearby? As far as I know, the UPS Store does not require that you have a mailbox with them in order for them to receive packages for you. Basically, you just ship to their address, tell them it's coming, they call you when it arrives, and finally you pay $5 (or some similar small fee) when you pick it up from them.

    EDIT: In this case, having your own phone number is a good thing.

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    I actually ordered some of the 2011 goodnites off ebay yesterday. They will probably arrive while Im at work or in class. but I figure since its Christmas time, the easy thing to say is -0 " I have a package or 2 coming in the mail but don't mess with it, I have ordered some stuff for chrismas."

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    The regretting, followed by not regretting, then regret again; sounds like the makings of a binge purge cycle. I would advise coming to terms with what you want and who you are. There is no need to feel guilty over a purchase of different looking / different functioning underwear. Once you can over come this swinging pendulum of emotion the better off you will feel.

    For me, one tactic I used to employ was that I used to tear open the top of the package, thereby preventing the possibility of a return to the store. Personally I hate to waste money, so I wouldn't throw them out. The end result was that when the feelings would subside, I had a package of diapers at the ready. Eventually I came to terms with what I wanted and who I was, and since then I have been fine.

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    If you really want the great diapers you can order from online, there is no need to regret it. If I had the money to order online I would always order online. If you do order, you can get it packaged discreetly, when it comes to the door tell everyone to not open it because it is gifts and you don't want them to spoil the surprise.

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    Thank you dlCherub. You're right. I do have mixed feelings about this whole diaper thing (You can actually see some of my posts and topics have been emotional spillage lmao)

    Now does anyone know of a good place to shop for quality diapers in Canada? And anyone else have advice for overcoming regret?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bayray View Post
    Now does anyone know of a good place to shop for quality diapers in Canada? And anyone else have advice for overcoming regret?
    If you're looking to order some good quaility diapers, B4NS is probably your best option.

    As for overcoming regret, we have two articles relating to that which you might find helpful:

    Binge/Purge Cycle

    Accepting Yourself - And Your Liking Of Diapers

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    Ok, well I've ordered Abena Abri-Form XPlus from B4ns. I've had it shipped to my local UPS store.
    I'm just going to have to come to terms with it, I suppose. I know that the topic of ensuing regret is weathered, but I just needed some support, personally XD I'm being too emotionally all over this place lol

    Thanks Nihlus (btw, it was funny when I got a notification from you saying you quoted me lol)

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