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Thread: Air Plus vs Plastic

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    Default Air Plus vs Plastic

    What type of backing do you prefer for Abena's diapers? Please post why.
    I heard that the plastic backing is going away sometime next year.


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    I like the plastic backed because they come in the m3 and that is my diaper of choice right now when I have to wear around ppl a lot. but if air plus came in the m3 absorbency then I would go with the air plus. friends hearing the crinkling sound is my biggest fear at the moment. I want Abena to make the m3s in the air plus design then i would be happy.

    during play time when no friends around I do like a crinkle under my butt to remind me that I am diapered.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Generally, I prefer cloth-backed diapers for work since they can be refastened as required and don't make much noise. For off-hours, I prefer plastic-backed diapers since they are more babyish and make lots of crinkly sounds when I walk.

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    I'm wearing an M4 right now and the plastic is sooo soft and it feels really nice against my thighs.

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    I just do not care for the "cloth-like" feel. It just doesn't seem right to me somehow. Maybe because diapers were always plastic when I was a kid?

    Quote Originally Posted by Roadkill View Post
    I heard that the plastic backing is going away sometime next year.
    Where did you hear that from? Abenas are my favorite but the day they do away with the regular Abri-forms will probably be the day they stop getting my money.

    EDIT: Ok, lol I see where you heard that from now

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    I use the M4's an i wear them b.c they wont leak thur after awhile like the cloth one's do over time... so i stick with the M4's an the plastic backing makes me feel better to know its going to stay in the diaper an not leak out..

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    I voted for plastic backing because those are the diapers I grew up with. Therefore they are the diaper of choice now that I am an AB/DL.

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    Overall I prefer plastic backed diapers but when it comes to abena, I prefer the air-plus. They are thicker, more comfortable, and I've never encountered a pin hole with them. If I had to choose as an overall preference (meaning all diapers) I would choose plastic backed ones because I grew up with them and they are more reliable usually.

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    there is another thread that someone made stating that. I hope the post is false. I love the plastic backing

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    I have to admit I'll never fully understand the stigma the abdl community has with plastic backed diapers. I mean I have nothing against them but plastic always seemed like an unnatural thing to put up against your body. I know I might be making a few "enemies" here (=P) but i'm actually really glad there's going to be an increase the number of high quality cloth based diapers. Cloth backed always seemed to make more sense since it's not only more environmentally friendly, but feels like its almost normal clothing because there's no plastic as if its totally "natural" thing to wear.

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