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    Hello Everyone, I am Robehouse. I have been in the adult baby community for a long time and see some names here that I recognize from other chatrooms/forums.

    I found the link to ADISC in a story forum that I belong too. I like to write stories that deal with teenagers in diapers and such.

    I don't know how young I was when I started getting interested in diapers. I do remember in my early teens thinking about them. I was a bedwetter until I was fifteen or sixteen. I was into being an adult baby, but in the past few years my are of interest had turned to being a daddy to a baby girl. I do have one that I chat with.

    I am into cloth diapers more than disposable, since that was what was used when I was little in the 50's.

    anything else you want to know about me, just ask.

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    Hey Robehouse, and welcome. I'm sure you'll see a few familiar faces here. Enjoy yourself.

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    Hey, robehouse, I remember you from...umm...somewhere else! :-D

    We don't usually like to say the name of 'that place' here, so I'll refrain from mentioning it. LOL

    I've been comin' here for over 4 years...since the site was in its infancy (so to speak).

    You'll find the group is really quite friendly, most of the time (I'm still a b*tch, tho'! ) and very accepting of us 'older folk' as it were. There are more than a few of us roaming about these hallowed halls...erm...threads!


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    Quote Originally Posted by robehouse View Post
    I am into cloth diapers more than disposable, since that was what was used when I was little in the 50's.
    Welcome robehouse! By that quote I see you're about in the same age bracket as me, myself being born in 1950. As Ayanna mentioned, there's a few of us "older folk" on the forums. Nice thing about ADISC is it welcomes decent people of any age. Hope you enjoy it here.


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    Yay for more familiar faces! Welcome to ADISC.


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    ooh great, were being buried by wrinkleies...
    jk lol
    welcome, interesting to have an ancient face here

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