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Thread: Thanksgiving and Diapers

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    Default Thanksgiving and Diapers

    I am wondering how many of us will be in diapers this Thanksgiving? Rather it is while you travel to families so you don't have to stop to pee or will you be in diapers for the day no matter what.
    my self I plan on being in diapers all day.

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    I wont be diapered on thanksgiving but tomorrow my family is leaving for two days to visit our relatives. I'm staying to watch the dogs and will be diapered almost the whole time.

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    I'm wearing one right now. But I'm going to be going to see family here in a bit. I'll be taking it off. But if I get a chance to put one back on tonight, I will.

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    i am wearing all day as usual even around family and friends

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    If I where at home heck yeah, lifes too busy for the most part though.

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    It depends on whether or not my family plans on going out somewhere to eat for Thanksgiving or to someones house. I probably might not wear one out today, but then again I might keep wearing one for the remainder of the day.

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    I was unable to wear today. My wife and I didn't go to Ohio to visit my family for the thanksgiving holiday. Her side of the family all had plans to travel, so we just stayed home and invited friends over for dinner. Now I am at work (can't wear here). I work till 11PM , so there wont be wearing when I get home from work either. But tomorrow the wife works and I am off, so I will have almost the whole day to wear then.

    Plan on working on my other snow blower to try to get it operational.

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    I won't be wearing as I haven't had money to buy any diapers, though I very well wish I could be diapered on this day of Thanks.

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