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Thread: Had a strange dream last night.

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    Default Had a strange dream last night.

    So I had the dream last night that I was a little girl, maybe 3 or 4 years old, very small barely 3' tall, and could not speak.
    I woke up totally naked in a garden with no memories of who I was. I walked around for a little bit and then squated and peed. Then a woman walked out of a door, and tried to catch me. I remember I was afraid of her. She finally picked me up and I was crying and screaming, then I passed out. I woke up in a hospital like setting, but I was fully clothed with Overalls, and a diaper. I didn't like the clothes and struggled to get them off but I couldn't. I can vividly remember crying as I tried to get them off. There was another child in the room with who I presume was her mother. but the adults didn't have faces. I decided to accept the clothes that were put on me and I calmed down. I got into a very playful mood and started to wander around. Then I found a doctors jacket, which I put on. It was huge on me. so I walked around in it and decided to go behind the receptionists desk. I can remember she had a face and smiled and told me I couldn't be there.
    I remember getting upset, then waking up.
    so yeah that was my dream.
    I wonder what it meant?

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    You passed out within a dream? Good God, DID you go deeper? Quick, spin a top! No but seriously, the vibe I'm getting is that you're in an unfamiliar setting in your life, possibly not a lot of people you know, possibly feeling a little scared? Does that sound right?

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    Very well could be. I am somewhat terrified to live the AB life I want. I am with someone who doesn't like me being an AB and I am having a hard time holding that side of me back. I want to be able to snuggle with someone with just a t shirt diaper and paci, but I don't have that option in my life.

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    I wouldnt take more from it then there is. Sometimes dreams like that happen, was it lucid in any way?

    Last Night I dreamt that I killed a FBI agent, So I seriously hope that dreams dont forshadow events in someway.

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    I just wish I knew what it meant? I mean is it a reflection of my desires to be a little girl like that? Honestly I would be the happiest person if I could be.

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    Does the person you're with understand that it's hard to hold it back?

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    She doesnt care, in fact we have been fighting and may not make it through the year. so I guess it doesn't matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KawaiiBabyjenni View Post
    I am somewhat terrified to live the AB life I want. I am with someone who doesn't like me being an AB and I am having a hard time holding that side of me back.
    You need to make peace with that part of yourself. I don't think you're going to be able to hold that energy back... I've never been able to anyways... you can try to dam it up but eventually the back-pressure will become too great. You could try to find something else to channel it into but it needs to be expressed somehow. Life is a process of continual growth and you have to accept yourself. It's not always easy to confront. I don't know about the quality of your relationship , but IMO a relationship should compliment you, or at least allow you to express yourself, not inhibit you. Just a guess, but I think you've been trying to push this part of yourself away and it's not working out too good, hence the dream.

    I guess I'm not saying necessarily to go balls to the wall with it, but to get comfortable with it, integrate it and be at peace with who you are.

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    Very possible, Perhaps the Little Girl that I dreamt I was, was a representation of my innerself? Cause when I regress I am a frightened little girl who cant speak.

    I have tried to make peace with my innerself, but she wants to play, and gets exited at everything, even when I don't particularly want to be.
    I am trying to get into metal work cause that takes my mind off it. but getting the supplies is expensive

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    Irrelevant to this discussion, but last night I had a very vivid dream I was messing my diaper, and I was on the phone to my Daddy.

    'Daddy I'm making a poo in my diaper'
    'No princess don't fill your diaper with stinky poo!'
    'But Daddy it's already started '

    I...dunno...I wanted to share because that convo made me laugh a lot. When I woke up I worried I'd pooped myself for a second... I wish my vivid dreams would happen more regularly with cooler things than pooping. Felt kinda cheated :P

    KawaiiBabyjenni, what is it you think your partner should be doing? :3

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