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Thread: Gonna go out on a limb here... (MW3 thread)

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    Default Gonna go out on a limb here... (MW3 thread)

    Okay, I already know 90% of the answers here, but who has MW3 for the Wii?

    I know, I know "The Wii sucks. You gotta move your Wii remote like a gun... blahblahblah."

    First of all: You can get a Classic Controller that is just like a PS3 controller (only diff is that you can't press the R3 and L3 buttons)

    Second of all: MW3's graphics for the Wii are actually AMAZING for the Wii! It's like Infinity Ward actually cared about the quality of the game on the Wii. Still not PS3 material, but pretty close.

    Third of all: If you do happen to have it on the Wii, what's your friend code? I'll send you an ally request (My name's [MLP:FiM] Foxx)

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    Friend of mine does, it sucks to me. I am so used to PC controls now.

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    I dislike Wii's almost as much as I dislike the Call Of Duty games. So no.

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