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Thread: I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Default I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


    I wanted to send a Thanksgiving wish out to everyone and I hope everyone has a happy holiday and a wonderful time whether they're with their friends or their families. As for me, due to ongoing family drama; which I want to avoid, I am spending the holiday with a friend of mine and his family as I have for the past few years.

    To let ya all know what I am thankful for most is my friends and those who have been there for me a lot in my life as well as my family. I'm also thankful to have what I do have in these tough times as times get worse around the world. Not everyone can have everything they want but having what you do have is something to be thankful for I think....

    Again, happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Have an awesome holiday and enjoy the turkey, ham or whatever your pleasure is on the holiday!


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    happy thanksgiving dude! that was very positive, definetly lifted my spirits! thanks! Hope you have fun with your friend!

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    Happy thanks giving, I wish you the best, As for me i'll continue to dodge around the mager grounding i've gotten myself into. gotta love holidays.

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    Happy Thanksgiving WildThing. My wife and I will be going to our son's and his family's place for Thanksgiving. Our other son will join us. We spent last weekend with our daughter and her family. We will be thankful for our family, and for my wife's improved health. I'm still employed and health insurance and Medicare is still paying for my wife's dialysis.

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here & I hope you all have a great day with family & friends as you all come together to celebrate the day of Thanksgiving!! To all the members who I haven't come to know yet, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving too & may it be a great day for you as well!! ^_^

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    I just ate Thanksgiving dinner with my family, who I am now on friendly terms with. It's amazing how having some solid sobriety behind me can improve relations, isn't it?

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    I hope everybody is having (or has had) a happy Thanksgiving. I had a fine one. My parents came over for dinner and there was plenty of good conversation, food, and wine.

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