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    Cool Howdy...

    So, here I am...

    Normally I am a very open, outgoing, and sociable person, except when it comes to this diaper thing. I am hoping that here I might be able to just a bit more open about who I am (of course in that whole mostly anonymous internet fashion).

    I do large scale network infrastructure projects for a living. I am a casual gamer, usually just the occasional first person RPG's. Gotta have a deep story line to keep me interested. Fallout 3 is my favorite game of all time. My biggest hobby for the last year has going to the gym, usually twice a day... Trying to get healthy and in shape and all that. Almost there.

    What am I trying to get out of this site? Just, I guess, honesty. Advice. Finding truthiness. Anyways, hit me up sometime...

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    Hello reb00t, nice to meet you! I'm new here too so welcome. I'm a big fan of fallout 3 too, though I consider myself a more hardcore gamer, I love the main story to it. You should consider playing Skyrim if you havn't already although I'd probably advise that to everyone. Anyway welcome once again from a fellow newbie.

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    Hiya Reb, from a fellow Hoosier. I'm a short timer here too but you're with good people here. Welcome !

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    Hey, Snowfall.

    I have been contemplating Skyrim, but I need technology and guns. There is something I just can't get into when it comes to magic and swords...

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