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Thread: Favorite sports...

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    Smile Favorite sports...

    This is just a random thread that I thought might be interesting. If you watch sports, play sports, or do anything related to them... this is a thread for you.
    As for myself, I'm not a huge athlete, but I am a really big hockey nut. I caught every single game last year!

    So, how about you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Russian View Post
    As for myself, I'm not a huge athlete...
    Same with me. I do enjoy a good game of badminton or volly ball, even softball occasionally. Never cared much for rougher contact sports like football.


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    I don't play sports, I don't watch sports on tv (I don't watch anything on TV these days, actually), I think the last time I went to a live sporting event was when I was at university...used to go to watch my "big brother" play hockey (ice hockey, that is). I think I also went to one football game too, but I left way early in the game...dunno if we won or lost! LOLz

    That said...I am a Montreal Canadiens fan since birth and nothing will ever change that!!!

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    A long time ago, I was into Tae Kwan Do. Also in the past, I have been on a soccer team and on the swim team at a local country club. Now, I don't do any of those things, but I am trying to get back to the local pool so I can start swimming again. I do not watch sports, as I find most to be very boring. I have been to see the Bucaneers play, but only because my dad and I got a couple of free tickets.

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    I love playing softball, and I enjoy playing football as well. I don't play either anymore.

    Until Gr. 9 I played basketball, volleyball, track, badminton, soccer, longjump and shotput. I was all rawr sports kid. Then I decided it was too much work so just quit doing everything.

    Then I just played softball.

    As for watching sports, erm... nothing.

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    Footed P.J.


    I watch soccer avidly, including Major League Soccer: The U.S.'s premier league and the EPL. I also love college gymnastics and follow Pitt.

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    I like sports a lot, though I'm more a musician than an athlete. My favourite sport is easily soccer (or football for you non-North Americans!) and I used to play really serious, high level stuff, but I ruined my back and had to quit last year. It sucked. I also love watching soccer, especially the EPL and of course Euro and the World Cup. I watched almost every game of Euro 2008 and follow the EPL relatively closely.

    Besides that, I like hockey a lot (I am after all Canadian) and avidly cheer for the Vancouver Canucks. I also like basketball and football a lot. In short, I love sports, but not nearly as much as I adore music.

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    For playing, I'm kind of up for most sports...But ones I prefer are Bowling, Tennis, Volleyball...As for watching, Baseball is all right, and I'll watch the Superbowl (no, not just for the commercials =\)

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    Im into Hurling its this Irish game with paddles that look like a cricket paddle mixed with a hockey stick and a baseball type ball. I also enjoy the southern game of "Corn Hole" and the lesser known "Indoor Full Contact Soccer" (well I made that one up but me and my buds at school do play it!)



    FULL CONTACT SOCCER! ( Its Brutal!)

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    Im not a huge athlete or anything but my favorite sports include Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Dodgeball, Soccer, Bowling and a couple of other ones. Now if Motorsports is included im up for all of it minus Nascar

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