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Thread: steak marinade ideas?

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    Default steak marinade ideas?

    ok, so this friday i want to try out a grill i found in my shed. i have been wanting to try grilling for a long time but didnt have the money and didnt know i had one in my shed. this will be my first time so i am a bit nervous. but on to my main point.... i plan to marinade the steak and was looking for some tips. i enjoy more asian flavors. so far i am thinking soy sauce, brown sugar, lemon juice, oregano, onion, ginger, and dried mustard. should i go with onion powder, normal onions, or green onions for the marinade? and any other ideas for an asian style steak?

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    you can go to and type in marinated steaks. I use them a lot. they have every food recipie that you could ever think of from plain and simple to extremely elaborate.

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    The base of all my marinades is oil vinegar and pineapple juice. Pineapple juice is great because not only is if flavorful but it helps break down the meat, the same with the lemon juice and kiwi. What is the cut/kind of steak you are cooking?

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    To be quite honest, the best way to start off is to go to your supermarket, walk up and down the condiments aisle, and buy something that's been pre-made. I strongly recommend not making your own the first time out. The internet has no shortage of recipes (as others have stated), but it's hard to look at a marinade recipe and tell how it's going to turn out if you're not experienced with such things. You don't want to ruin a good steak with a marinade that ends up being too salty/sweet/bitter/whatever for your palette. A marinade where the only liquid is soy sauce is going to turn the meat very, very, very, very, incredibly salty. In almost any marinade, the majority of your liquid should be vegetable oil (typically, you'd measure oil on the order of cups and soy sauce on the order of tablespoons). Store bought marinades are more "lowest common denominator" in that they're going to have more mass appeal. Look around until you see something that looks good to you.

    If this is your first time grilling, I'd even recommend away from a marinade and more toward a rub or seasoning salt. Any kind of marinade (homemade or store-bought) is going to have a significant amount of sugar in it. Sugar burns fast. If you're not experienced grilling, this can mean the steak is burned outside and undercooked inside. This is especially problematic with steak- beef cooks at a high temperature. I'm a huge fan of Montreal Steak, and McCormick makes a seasoning for it (Grill Mates® Montreal Steak Seasoning) that I use all the time. A dry rub or salt isn't going to necessitate altering the cooking temp so you don't burn it, either. You'd need to be a pretty bad cook to burn (essentially) salt.

    Is the grill gas or charcoal? Any idea what kind of cut you're going with for the first run? London broil is usually a good combination of inexpensive, easy to cook, and yummy.

    The time to try out your own marinades for the grill is on chicken or pork- more inexpensive cuts of meat. Once you have some you like, try it out on steak. The best choice here would be chuck beef that's been cut for stew (or buy a chuck steak and butcher it yourself), and do kabobs. Kabobs have a high surface area to volume ratio, so they pick up marinades well. The small size makes them easy to learn to grill, too.

    I definitely recommend buying a book or two if you intend to grill seriously. The internet has no shortage of recipes, but the fact of the matter is that there's a lot of technique to grilling a recipe will never clue you in on. Especially in barbecue, rule of thumb is that a recipe is at most half of the equation. The rest is technique and tips. Tips are things like bringing a cut of meat to room temperature before grilling. Techniques are things like how and when to flip meat and how to set up charcoal for direct/indirect heat of the right temperature. Recipes are important, but they leave a lot to be desired.
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    I have something that I made a little while ago for a steak marinade. It was really good.

    Terriyaki sauce, fresh pineapple juice, and lemon juice, (favorite kind) BBQ sauce, brown sugar, and honey. Make sure you mix them all up really well.

    after marinaded you can grill it with a rub just like usual, I used a honey BBQ rub, and also put some diced garlic on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightFox View Post
    I definitely recommend buying a book or two if you intend to grill seriously.
    Gas-specific: This
    Charcoal-specific: This
    Barbecue (requires use of a charcoal grill): Peace, Love, & Barbecue and Low & Slow and Smoke & Spice
    Marinades (fantastic book, great in the kitchen too!): Marinades, Rubs, Brines, Cures and Glazes

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    I marinade with

    One sliced onion, one sliced carrot, 10 whole black pepper kernels, two crushed garlic cloves, and cloves and two cups of bourbon

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    i did forget about the oil, thank you for reminding me. i cant remember the cut atm and i am not at home so i will post that later. i do have some experience cooking meat, just not on a grill. and also thank you for reminding of setting up direct/indirect grilling. (i know of this from a local cooking show) and to me there is just some satisfaction of making my own marinade. i might tweak it more to try and come up with something more original and different from what i usually do. probably will post how this all turns out too. (including pics if you all want)

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    I usually pound the hell of the steak with a wooden mallet to tenderize the meat,this is what alot of people forget and is crucial to a tender steak.
    Then i marinating the steak in Coca-cola overnight in the fridge before i cook it.

    A barbecue/braai-South African word for barbecue tip:

    When the fire is out and the coals are burning put your hand an inch from the grill and if you can keep it there for 5 seconds without pulling away from intense heat your meat is ready to go on the grill.

    If you put it on when its too hot the meat will blacken and be tough as shoe leather.

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    How much are you planning on spending on the steak?

    A good cut of steak shouldn't need a marinade.. at most a dry rub to compliment the flavors that are already there. Cheaper cuts of meat (meant more for stews .. or in some cases.. door stops) can be rescued with a good marinade and a good going over with a meat tenderizer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luckyfish View Post
    If you put it on when its too hot the meat will blacken and be tough as shoe leather.
    That's actually how I like my steak.. almost burnt on the outside, red but warm on the inside.

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