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Thread: Finding a babygirl

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    Default Finding a babygirl

    Hey everyone I just joined today, by the way great site. Iam really hoping to find a girl about the same age as me who is into diapers. Any suggestions?

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    ...Most girls on this site?

    And by the way, WELCOME TO ADISC!

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    A fellow Californian lol
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    Well that certainly makes things difficult. I guess i need a suggestion of where to go then since this doesn't seem to be the correct site.

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    There's more to TB/DLism than dating, such as supportive friends (of the opposite sex, too.). That being said, this is not a dating site, but you might be able to find someone.

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    I saw the thread title and thought someone came here looking to adopt a literal baby girl. :wink:

    Vlad, welcome to the ADISC community. I think you just jumped forward a bit too quickly though. It's customary for a new member to post a brief intro in the "Greetings" forum. Thereafter, post around so both you and everyone else can get to know each other better. Perhaps in time you could develop some close friendships with other DL members here, even girls around your age. Just take it one step at a time for now, so members can get comfortable with you first. This is a decent DL support community, so in that sense you did come to the right place. Hope you'll stick around and join in the discussions.


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    Thanks for the suggestion. But I seem to have found myself in the most unfotunate situation. As of now I am using my ps3 to browse the internet because of my usless computer. I will try to get back soon.Currently I am in the process of repairing my other one.

    No not literal lol but yea you get the idea
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    Welcome to the site... but you aren't going to find a babygirl here. And to be quite honest - anywhere you go, with that approach you aren't going to find someone. You can't have a relationship based solely on diapers. I say try making friends first.

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    Oh, where to begin?

    As has already been pointed out....this is not a 'dating site'.

    Add to that, your profile indicates your age as 16 and a 'diaper lover'. Trust me, you don't want a 'baby girl' what you want is a girl...plain and simple. You must go to school, look around, I'm sure half the student body is female.

    I can see why you'd want a 'baby girl' or a fellow DL in feminine form, but seriously you need to interact with so called 'normal' people your own age. You also should know that girls are more accepting (usually) than fellows when it comes to trying new things, so if you had a girl friend (outside the whole diaper experience) and you introduced her to the idea...SLOWLY! (Don't just blurt out "I like diapers and want you to like them, too!") stand a better chance of finding (or getting) the 'baby girl' you so desire.

    There are very few females involved in the *BDL 'scene' and of those who are involved most are already in relationships. You see EVERYONE seems to want a 'baby girl'.

    My advice...find yourself a nice girl from school/neighbourhood 'n be happy you have a girlfriend at 16 without it being 'all about the diapers'.

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