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Thread: Anyone ever heard of?

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    Default Anyone ever heard of?

    Welcome to Broadband Q Wireless | Broadband Q Wireless - The fastest wireless internet available for rural communities everywhere!

    I live in a very rural area where satellite internet is the only thing
    that you can get.

    Was wanting to know if this is worth it!!

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    EVDO is the same as Verizon or Sprint 3G. And unless you have terrible credit. You can get a card from VZ or Sprint for $20 (2 yr contract) and pay $60 for the same service. The only difference is the No Data Cap. I know VZ caps at 3GB or something like that. Sprint claims to be unlimited, but i dunno.

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    My credit isnt the best. I owe Sprint money. Not having a cap is very important because I do a lot of downloading.

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    Then it may be worth a shot. It is not super fast tho. EVDO reminds me a lot of early DSL. Better than Dial-up but probably about the same as HughesNet. I would not recommend trying to do a lot of other stuff while trying to download. Or it is going to gooooo sloooooooow

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    Yeah I have found out that just about every satellite internet provider is a branch of HughesNet and they suck. There caps are very low.

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