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Thread: A Diapered ordeal.

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    Default A Diapered ordeal.

    Hey everybody, I don't never recall seeing this subject brought up on here before, so sorry if it has been. I've been wearing a few times this past week because its been awhile and got to thinking while driving padded up today. Maybe its happened to shhomeone before on here but what would you do if you had a sudden emergency,( car wreck, etc.), and had to be taken by ambulance and ended up stuck in your diaper. Kinda a fear of mine considering I had an accident several years ago and found myself on a gurney cut out of my clothes. How do you think would respond? How do you think the medics would respond? This is not a fantasy of mine, so don't think it is. More of a fear because you never know what could happen in any given minute. What if if you had done soaked it? Do you think they would offer you another diaper, try to catheter you? That would be awful. This is all assuming you were awake and your injurys weren't extremly severe that this was the least of your problems. Just ad question, maybe some of you have experienced this.

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    If they were "normal" diapers.. I think they would probably just assume you were incontinent.

    If they were bambinos with a cute print, might be a little awkward .. but knowing someone who works as a paramedic (a surprisingly underpaid job), they probably see stuff much weirder on a daily basis.

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    Well, I can't answer for how the EMTs at the scene of a car accident would react. But I can tell you the the people that work at the hospital would probably just cath you rather than mess around with putting you in another diaper. They would probably assume you were incontinent. it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility that they may ask you if you are incontinent or for how long.

    I work at a medical facility and I've heard a LOT of people come into the emergency room with all kinds of conditions and have heard some of the 'usual' questions that get asked by the medical staff. (Please don't ask me for specifics as I can not disclose any)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoundCoder View Post
    knowing someone who works as a paramedic (a surprisingly underpaid job), they probably see stuff much weirder on a daily basis.
    Man Almost Loses Penis Humping Steel Bench
    definitely weirder stuff. i doubt they would care about it, honestly.

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    This is what I was wondering. Its quite obvious they would assume you were incontinent,assuming you were wearing a normal diaper. Definitely would not be a good situation to be in assuming you were kept for observation. Brings up the question, play along and let them assume you were incontinent, (which I could find sorta disrespectful to the actual incontinent people), and possibly take a cath. Ouch. Or fess up. :-/ I think I would at least try to talk them into diapers, assuming I was capable of taking care of myself.

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    Well my experience isn't as serious as something like that, but I thought I would put in my two cents. I had a minor car accident the other year while I was wearing. I ran up the back of someone, so it wasn't anything major. The worst part was having to write down my details on my car, so I had to lean over, so I'm pretty sure someone might have caught a glimpse of my diaper. Oh well...hehe

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    Think how many people have come into emergency rooms with gerbils up their butt. I wouldn't worry about it. Contrary to popular belief, no one is perfect, not even Congress.

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    I've wondered about this once or twice since I went 24/7. If they asked me I'd be truthful - nothing good can come from lying about a medical condition to medical people. I'd also resist being catheterised with every fibre of my being...

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    Usually they don't cath someone just cause they were wearing a diaper. They have to have a doctors order to do that. However from my perspective in the healthcare field if someone is in a diaper unless they are wet I just let it be. The most they would ask is if you were incontinent and what level if incontinence you were for care purposes. Catheters can introduce bacteria into the body. So they are not used unless needed. Soiled diapers lead to skin breakdown so they are also not used if they are not needed. We usually just have patients on absorbent cloth pads and change the linen when soiled. Only rarely do we use diapers. Oh and hospital diapers suck worse than store brands.

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    A really good friend of mine is actually an ER nurse.

    Basically, from what I understand, if they're acting in a life-or-death situation, pretty much regardless of undergarments, you're getting the catheter treatment. Typically they'd rather be overly prepared for a situation than underprepared, and that's one of those things than is an easy fix. Think of it this way- if you're going into surgery for something, a good nurse can probably shove a catheter in in just a few seconds. A diaper is going to take a while longer. When time is of the essence, the're not going to be wasting it catering to your fetish.

    As far as the diaper being weird- yeah, sure, they'll probably end up having a laugh about it in the break room. But they'll be professional in front of you and will probably forget it by the end of the night. They see a lot of weird stuff, I'm sure a diaper is one of the least of their concerns.

    And if it's not severe? They'd probably just ask you. In which case I'd be honest. Embarrassment goes away. Eventually.

    [Also, I'm by no means a professional or anything. This is my interpretation of what my professional nurse friend told me, but there's a chance the opposite of what I just said could very well be true.]

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