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    While it is good that you decided to post something after being a member of this site for 3 months, it would be nice if it was something that told us a little bit about yourself. I see that you are from hong kong, so perhaps your English isn't that good? If that is the case you don't have to worry, as long as you try to get your point across I'm sure we'll be able to understand you.

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC and enjoy your stay

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    Hi and welcome aboard. What are things like in hong kong?

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    Well I guess you are shy and it can be overwhelming, so many of us here, so much going on, you may be wondering where you fit in and how to express yourself and create the persona you want to project. No worries. If you intro'd just cause you were forced to it's ok! Just continue to read and when you see an opportunity to add something - now you have an account and a membership and a username and the whole bit!

    Come come now people. Hinny lists sex as "other." I will call her "she" as hinney sounds more feminine than masculine but until she tells me other wise, she it is... But the point is this is a very shy and private person... Her intro & profile info suggests as much. Let us cuddle the Hinny in a respectful and unintrusive manner. (I also suspect there is nothing amiss with her English.)

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    Hello, Its nice to here from you, Its great that your finally talking to us.

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