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    Well I guess a good place to start off would be I'm an 18y/o male tb/dl from NC. I'll be starting college in a few weeks so I might not be a frequent visitor, as we all know how mainstream society takes to our... uniquities (thats totally a word right?). And also taking the whole college/roommate thing into account, it looks like this will be my only DL outlet, cuz as much as I like getting things nice and awkward between me and the person whom I'm living with for a year, I think I'd prefer the safer route and just ween myself. Other than all that I suppose I'm pretty average, I play sports, I've got two jobs, and I'm still broke haha, what else do you expect from a student?

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    yo good luck with college, been there, done that!
    ask me anythg u want about being a DL in collge i learned a few tricks! ~ Will

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    Welcome to ADISC, I haven't been around here for very long either, but everyone's truly lovely and polite (that's I've met so far!)

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    Welcome to ADISC, this place is full of nice people and alot of good information.

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    Another Carolinian joins the ranks... bwahahahah!

    In all seriousness though... I think you may find that college is one of the best times to experiment with diapers b/c frankly... nobody cares what you are wearing!

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    NIce to meet you, I am with DF on this, it is always good to see another NCer on the boards. Overall when you are in college people are expecting some sort of experamenting, so they are more willing to acept if not understand anything.

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    Heck... if anything you might just find one of those kinky open-minded college girls who will try most anything if it sounds like fun.

    I know I did...

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