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    Hi I am uh... IDK I am a regular guy I guess I graduated from HS last year and am now 19 I still live with my parents and I spend alot of time online. I dont have a job, but I have been hunting for one ever since I lost my last one.

    My interest in diapers and stuff Is partially Fetish. I hope that does not lower peoples respect of me but I figured I might as well be honest. However I have learned alot about The *BDL community as a silent lurker the last year or so being too nervous to interact so my opinion of *BDL stuff is not totally sexual I can enjoy a good regression story and the like without fapping over the charachters.

    like i said I spend alot of time on the computer. I have tried to teach myself basic web design but would love to be able to take a class and learn more about that then the basic coding i am capable of now. I also fancy myself a digital artist, and in recent months have taken an interest in pixel art. I have also gotten pretty good at making emoticons and frankly If the admins of this site ever want to update their emoticon legend I would be happy to help out.
    I also have an interest in writing but am not to good at it, maybe if i can start getting more into it I can try posting a few stories here.

    The reason I joined this site is because I feel i am reaching a point where i would like to interact more with the *BDL community I am not an AB myself and do not wear diapers but I still have been "in the closet" so to speak about the whole ordeal for a very long time and I am not quite ready to tell my friends in family about it. Also I did recently reveal the truth to a particular friend and even though I elt awkward and embaressed she was supportive and I felt really releved like a burden had been lifted I hoped taking part in this community where people are accepting would help to enforce those feelings.

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    Greetings John and welcome to ADISC. I want to apologize for you having to wait so long to be greeted, we are usually quicker about it. While you might have to worry about judgmental people on other sites, the atmosphere of ADISC is friendly and welcoming no matter what your interest in diapers and/or regression is or how it came about. I myself would be considered somewhat of an odd-ball on other sites since unlike most I did not discover my interest consciously until I was already an adult. I have told many people this here and not a single one has treated me any differently.

    For the longest time I only allowed myself to read and write age regression stories and nothing else associated with the *B/DL lifestyle. Now that I have came out of the closet with myself at least I enjoy the other aspects of being AB/DL but still enjoy reading a good regression story when I get the chance. There is a great collection here on this site that i think you'll enjoy and perhaps you can add your own when the time is right.

    I am glad that you had a positive experience with telling your friend. So many things can go wrong when you tell someone and I am very happy that that wasn't the case with you. It does become easier when you have someone to share your secret with that is understanding, whether it is in person or online.

    Once again, welcome to ADISC and I hope to see you on the boards.

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    Hi! You know it's funny... We are a big and growing community, with broad themes pervading yet huge variety within our ranks on a personal level. Many newcomers wonder that they don't fit some sort of mainstream: aren't furry, use their diaper for one thing or the other thing or even not at all... don't like pacis, are "too young" or "too old" or are not one of the usual genders... or have Christ in their hearts (some on Adisc do) or loathe religion with all their hearts and souls and call it and all its works and all its followers an abomination before God and man.

    Our newcomers who suppose that not fitting into a "mainstream category" somehow excludes them are missing the point: that we have all that diversity and embrace it.

    I am dl, and come here by way of a fetish. But how diapers fit in my personal life is one thing, their role in my social life is another: they are my ticket into very good seats at a very good game.

    I am into plastic pants... I am an object fetishist. Other pp fanciers come to it by way of cross-dressing, forced feminization, watersports, rubber and vinyl... and more broadly yet with diapers: all kinds of people are into them for all kinds of reasons and we acknowledge and respect each other's different take on things.

    Yeah I am furry, but that's nothing to do with my turnons; I am dl but not ageplaying... straight but not narrow. ( yay, one of my favorite expressions from the 90's that ought to be seen more often.)

    You are you. We are glad to see you. More would be better

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