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Thread: bambino new diaper ripping in the back!!!

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    Default bambino new diaper ripping in the back!!!

    So ive been using these for the past few weeks now and have probably gone through ten or so (i use other diapers as well and also cant be dapered as much as i want) and mostly wear them when i sleep so the past week i have probably had 4 rip in the back and litteraly rip bad like a whole foot long. its really pissing me off cuz i bought 66 of the damn things. jw has anyone else had this issue ????

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    Nooooooo!!!! Its the sign of the apocalypse!!!

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    I have had it happen to me with an Asian brand of diapers. Sometimes they are defective so it happens. it's a pain in the butt and it feels uncomfortable. Sometimes sitting down hard can pop them so it causes a slit to happen in the back. You can write to the company about it. Maybe they will give you a free pack.

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    if they're tearing from tension, you should probably try a larger size. otherwise, it might just be a defect
    you should contact bambino and see what's up about it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sketchy View Post
    Nooooooo!!!! Its the sign of the apocalypse!!!
    EXACTLY what I was going to say! Hahaha I never thought I'd see the day when someone had a bad experience with Bambino products!

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    I have heard a few people mention it, but in all cases they were basically trying to/hitting maximum capacity. While they shouldn't split I am not entirely surprised, because I can see Bambino might make a diaper with a ton of SAP, test its absorbency, but not thoroughly test the plastic backings ability to hold up to normal use while under such extreme load/pressure.

    Remember, the teddies had a lot of initial problems too with the tapes failing. I would just shoot them an email about it.

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    It's not exactly surprising if the diaper is being pushed through it's tests, but either way you should email Bambino's customer support. I'm sure they would like to have some feedback. That way they can fix the problems

    I was thinking about buying some of these and trying them out, but I guess I'll wait a bit longer.

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    I'm talking about these ripping an hour or two after being put on many times not even being wet yet and It just happend to another one this sucks :/. Wish I didn't but so fucking much of em.

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    You should contact Bambino's right away then (if you haven't already), if they are doing this then there must be something wrong. I'm not sure how helpful their customer support will be when asked about this, but they are your best bet for getting an answer and possibly a solution.

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    I tried emailing em a few weeks ago no reply. Just emailed them twice tonigt we'll see if I get a reply, talk about unprofessional

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