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    [I finally found the guts to post my Halloween costume.. didn't have the guts to wear a diaper underneath Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Neil Halloween 2011.jpg 
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    Aww cute! I love those Jammies!
    I bet people thought it was adorable and didn't suspect a thing.
    Sorry you didn't have the courage to go in a diaper, but still, I'm sure for what you did get to do it was a nice experience right?

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    Yep... a lot of funny looks.. for the men it was "Whoa" for the women it was "Is that comfortable to sleep in".. I answered "Yes" to both

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    I want those! I want to wear that out in public. Too bad Halloween isn't every day

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjm904 View Post
    Halloween isn't every day

    When did this happen!

    Wait, you need to site your source on this before I'll believe it.

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