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    hi everyond my name is baby timmy and i love wearing nappies 24/7 my favourite brand is Tena Maxi slip medium as these for me a realy babyish and make a lot of noise when i am toddling about. I am in a relationship and my partner/Mummy has me in her own words babyfied and nappy clad 24/7 i am not allowed big boy clothes and the toilet is off limits no1&no2. Toilets are for big boys and i am just a 2 year old baby. I have a gang of teddies but my fav is woary and he is a tiger. I love my mummy v much as she takes care of me even when i am naughty! As mummy tells me boys who act like babies in her house get treated like babies. The funny thing is that at one point i was just in nappies occasionly but i had an accident one day when we were on a bus and ever since then i have been made to wear them day and night for over a year. Mummy makes a point of checking my nappy every hour wherever we are and she is not shy about letting her voice be loud enough for others to hear her say "come here Timmy lets check that nappy" and if its wet or dirty or both then announcing that we need to go and change my dirty nappy. I also just watch pre schooler tv and my favourite is Thomas the tank engine! Well i hope that this intro helps others to start speaking to me thanks for now but i am just about to get a cwean bum(our code for nappy change) as i have got a stinky bum! Then its bot bot time and bk to sleep! Timmy x

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    Well. Well, well, well.

    Since Adisc is a forum and really all we have to go by to know a person is what they write, writing style, including layout is important to us. You may hear a lot about "please punctuate, please indent or leave a space between paragraphs..." - it really does make a post hard to read when you don't.

    We also use our personal intros to describe our real selves, or as much as we want to reveal, but full blown roleplay/fantasy/fiction isn't useful or helpful. It is common for people with similar tales to protest that this really IS their reality... but it sounds so cliched and stereotypical it will surely be dismissed out of hand...

    You might read through the site and get an idea of what kind of posts are made and especially which ones are met with approval, and try to mimic their best features.

    Look I am dl and well used to abdl fantasies, and have nothing against another person's . But this is a support site and while some of us rp, and while we even have a space for out and out rp it's not the first order of priority for being supportive... and really isn't appropriate in greetings forum. Please consider remaking your intro... also there are ageplay spaces like diaperchat.... Adisc performs a different function... like I say just read through the site and you will see what it's about.

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