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    Smile My Introduction

    Hi everyone,

    i joined ADISC a few day ago, mainly because im interested in the stories, many of them are yery very good. I am a guy from Germany, almost 40 and do sometimes write DL stories myself, but until now only in German because I think my English is not good enough for writing fiction.
    I wear diapers a lot, but im not into baby stuff (DL only). Besides that, I collect advertisements for diapers and other incontinence aids, so if you have something along that line you would like to share or swap, dont hesitiate.
    Greetings from Germany,

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    Welcome TenaTim! Let me guess, your favorite brand of diaper is Tena. Am I close? :wink: I'm just the opposite of you - not into diapers, but am into baby gear.

    If this post is a sample of your English, it's sure good enough for a story in the English language. Hope you'll go ahead and post one.

    Btw, there's a few of us 40 to 60 year olds around, so you don't have to be concerned about your age. Hope you enjoy being part of ADISC.


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    welcome to adisc! i heard theres a good number of DL's in duetschland!
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    Hmmm...weirdness...I seldom open 'greetings' threads because they're usually 'hi, i'm new, bye'.

    I guess it was the username that caught my eye. I wear Tena and my ex husband's name is Tim hahaha

    Anyway...welcome. It's always nice to see someone with a little more maturity in the forum!

    And may I say your English is excellent.

    I've always found it amusing how people say "My English is not so good" when it's perfect, but those who think their English is perfect really really REALLY could use some help with the language!

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