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    So I am gonna do black friday and I was wondering if it was just electronics that you get a discount for or if its everything cuz if so diapers would be really cheap wouldn't they?

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    Diapers (adult or toddler) would be categorized more as 'essential' items. (at least as far as retailers consider them). Stuff that is on sale on black friday is more 'non-essential'.

    Not necessarily just electronics, but more like stuff you don't need.

    So i would guess that diapers would not be discounted. Maybe on a site like ABU or something, because they realize that people are buying them for fun, but most stores probably will not bother to discount stuff like that for Black Friday.

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    ABalex is right. I've never seen stuff like that go on sale.

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    Footy sleepers though might be if that would interest you.

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    previous comments are right on...i work in a retail store that sells diapers and like previous comments pointed out, it is more of the toys/clothes/kitchen..etc type things that go on sale for Black Friday, not your everyday needs like diapers/shampoos, etc....

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    Diapers might not be an item that you can get steep discounts on during Black Friday but that shouldn't stop you from doing your Black Friday shopping while diapered.

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    That's what I'll be doing! I'll be wheeling around the mall diapered thickly under my sweatpants!

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