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    Exclamation Diaper Bulk!

    Hi, Baby Katie here! okay so I usually wear goodnights(they're the easiest for me to get) but I really want the feeling of bulk between my legs, like, enough so I cant close them all the way, so my question to you Citizens of ADISC, is what are the bulkiest diapers out there? and if those are too expensive how can I make my goodnights thicker/more absorbent(they usually leak at night)

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    Wear multiple ones together and you might get some more of the bulk you are craving.

    But I much prefer tape on diapers to pull ups for a number of reasons, the least of which is how much easier they are to put on and take off. If you want to change a pull up you are going to be taking off your pants. If you want to change a tape-on diaper you just need to pull your pants down a bit, take the old one off, and tape the new one on. Granted getting the tapes right takes some practice but IMO it's still way faster than changing pull ups.

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    Cloth. Or doubled up, or stuffers

    This is what I achieved with 5 stuffers and two abena x-pluses:

    (totally didn't want to show off my big butt :P)

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    I guess, a few things, from my experience..
    1. Nothing you can buy in a store is going to be bulky. Just kind of a rule of thumb. However, you can get crafty and 'stuff' diapers- I.E. buy a pack of Depends Maximum Protection (or something from the store and with tapes) and something like GoodNites. Then take the stuffing out of the GoodNites and slide it into the Depends. There's a process to do it right, but you can achieve something similar by layering as well (which is a lot easier- just wear multiple diapers.)

    2. Things you buy online can get bulky. Still talking disposible here. But diapers like Dry24/7's are preetty damn bulky (like 10 times the amount of stuffing stuff as GoodNites or even Depends). They're much more expensive, though, and usually out of the budget of most highschoolers and a lot harder to purchase (credit cards, shipping). But if you have the means, these are definitely going to provide with some extra bulk. And these can even be (and commonly are) stuffed as well, either with store bought diapers like GoodNites (or more commonly Pampers size 7 or something similar), or with an actual stuffer made for adult diapers.

    3. Lastly, and probably the least accessible, and probably the best way to 'bulk up', is cloth. It's up to you how many layers you want and all that pizzazz. There's stories of people that prefer their diapers very bulky (often enough so they're forced to crawl), and that most commonly would come from cloth diapers. Some people make them, some people buy them, but, usually these take a lot more time and money than disposables (unless you're just shoving a towel between your legs. But, and don't take my word for it, it isn't comfortable or absorbent. But bulky!)

    Anyway.. that's the jist of my experience in bulkiness.

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