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Thread: Hello, This is a firstfor me

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    Default Hello, This is a firstfor me

    I have been wearing diapers of and on for years but never thought I
    would be doing this. It is kinda scary for me as I am not use to threads
    or chating online.

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    A hearty welcome. You've come to the right place. I believe you've found the best place on the web to explore your intrests and yourself in the process. I say it often and believe ir well worth repeating, the more involved you are here the more you'll get in return.

    You may want to consult our Cheat Sheet for a good introduction.

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    I agree with the hammer guy, nice to meetcha Ricky so what else can you tell us about yourself? surely theres more such as hobbies and such

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    Hi, a lot of people are scared here at first but everyones really nice. Would you mind telling us about yourself?

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    Hi there from Edmonton. Yes, Adisc is indeed the right place to be, especially if you are barely used to speaking to others on the topic and are nervous... I was at first though it seems a very long time ago... I have good reason to believe there are well over 100 Albertan abdl's probably closer to total of 200 including babyfurs and misc. fetishists. Just saying...

    Welcome aboard and do help us get to know you more , feel free to talk about non-diaper stuff like music, cars, plushies, movies... anything: we are here to make your life more enjoyable.

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    Hey, Welcome!

    I think everyone is a little nervous when first joining any forum! But that fear usually subsides quite quickly I'm sure you will enjoy chatting.

    What As many have already asked, what are some of your other interests? In particular what are some of your favorite movies? =)

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    Adding to my profile... because way back when I started to like diapers and stuff I thought I was going crazy. I ended up actually with a Masters in Psychology trying to find out what was wrong with me. I discovered two important things through my learning 1) Modern day Psychology is full of it and pigeon holes everyone. 2) I found out that realistically no one is normal and with enough learning I found out what the triggers were that started my love for diapers and other baby things. I found after 25 years of psychology that most loves or {fetishes} that people have are set in the first six years of life. I will be starting a thread on it once I am more comfortable with the site

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    To add to who I am, I am a kinda Jekyll and Hyde person. I love riding my motorcycle, I always am in black with skull heads and dragons. Usually most people stay away from me, which I like because I don't have to bother with most. But on the other side my wife sees me in diapers and even made us both pink teddy bear sleepers. I have a lot of patience but a short fuse depending on the day. In diapers I am at peace and timid, but out of diapers I am not the nicest guy. As for movies, any movie that has a good plot and isn't sucky, but I don't see too many movies as my nose is usually in a one of my computers.

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    sounds like and interesting thread, I cant wait.

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    Yes it is my feeling that "normal" is a myth and most "normals" are only "normal" if you step far back and use a soft-focus filter... and blur things into some kind of undescriptive average. I say it's normal to be abnormal in at least some ways. For heaven's sake even in communities of supposedly like-minded people: religious, political, sexuality, music, cars, anything, there are divergences from norms.

    I love that you have a wife and a happy marriage. I love it when our gay
    brothers and sisters can say the same. Happiness within the abdl communities is less than as high as it might be, and it's my job to help Adisc in its job to up net aggregate abdl happiness... Okay it's a volunteer job but full-time Happily the work is its own reward.

    As to causes of why we are who we are, I have theories, I did research in my teens, and understand how this is a burning question on the lips and minds of nearly all of us; perhaps one day we can compare notes. Nowadays I am simply glad it's part of me for the direct fun it gives me and indirectly for connecting me wih a community I am glad and lucky to be a part of. I am luckier to have Adisc than it is to have me.

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