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Thread: Pull-ups <3

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    Default Pull-ups <3

    Time to express my rage:

    Why can't bambino or abu make a pull-up?
    And I mean like toddler pull-ups with the cute designs and such.
    I label as a TB, but more like a teen toddler. I play like i'm 3 and a half.

    I think it's much cuter to be potty training (just my opinion).
    I wear adult briefs from walgreens because that's all I can get atm (I don't kike adult pull-ups & I can't order online).

    I was just hoping that, sometime in the future, when I can buy online, that there will be some kind of disposable training pants that can fit me.

    Anyone else share my views on this?

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    I sympathize with you becuase I hate the design of adult pullups. But I can still fit into pullups/goodnites/underjams no problem so I'm not worried about it too much. How much do you weigh (If you don't mind me asking), most people I've talked to can still wear XL goodnites.

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    I would love this as well. I would start wearing 24/7 if this were to happen. I really don't like wearing the tape on diapers to work and even though I kinda fit into goodnites they always seem to leak on me if I try to use them. And I hate the adult pull ups. So I have yet to fi d something that works for me.

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    I totally agree. I would love to see some ABDL friendly company make a pull-up like those Huggies made in the early 90s, either with the generic designs or with Mickey on them. They were cute to begin with, but compared to the adult ones currently available, they are a world apart!

    However, this maybe wishful thinking, at least for now. The demand in the ABDL world is for standard padding. I am quite grateful that we have this at all. The internet has made such an industry possible. Maybe in the future, a 'cute' pull-up will catch on. It all takes time, just as how many of the varieties of adult padding didn't exist a decade ago.

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    I think bambino or abuniverse is working on an adult pull up right now, but it will still be a while before they are on the market. Have you tried the most recent print of goodnites? They could easily pass as toddler pull ups especially if they only just poke over your waist band.

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    If they fit, I think goodnites are the way to go. I'm in the same boat, and I love them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrowncoatGirl View Post
    most people I've talked to can still wear XL goodnites.
    Hey BrownCoatGirl I was thinking about trying goodnites or underjams I have a size 26 waist what size would I need to get?

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    the L\XL size

    I have a size 30 waist they fit perfectly.

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    I haven't tried XL goodnites, yet, but I doubt they will fit me. I am hour-glass shaped and weigh almost 180 lbs.
    But don't judge, I'm not "fat"
    LOL, my weight is stored in my breasts and butt.

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    Not sure on a pull-up (i don't really wear much anyways) though wouldn't be opposed to it. In terms of getting an adult company to make a good pull-up for ABs (and as a side effect TBs, but teens aren't bambino's/abu's market) there would likely have to be proof of there being a market for it first. Secondly I believe there are some design problems with creating a good pull-up that has been brought up here before, though I can't remember exactly what it is.

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