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Thread: Skype-aholics Unite!

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    Default Skype-aholics Unite!

    Hey, everyone! I have recently found a glitch in the Skype system and I'm almost sure I have a solution to the problem.

    So, if anyone is getting an "error message" when trying to connect to Voice/Video Calls and Skype is ultimately crashing because of it, please post here so I'll know it's not just an issue I'm having personally.

    I'll be sure to post the details of the fix if there is a need/want for the advice/solution.

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    If you Skype version ends in .124 it will probably crash a fix is to download the beta of Skype the newest beta which you can find on google (forgot link) it is a problem with the software and you are not the only one ( I had the same problem the beta fixed it and my friend also had the same problem and the beta fixed theirs too)

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    I haven't tried the Beta solution, but I do know of another if anyone is still interested. It's a bit lengthy, though.

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