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    Hi i'm 15 and i'm new here... What exactly does everyone do around here?

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    meh you post, check out the chat rooms, make friends. but anyway nice to meetcha bumcake, names piros the toddler knight, so what else can you tell us about yourself?

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    First you make all the cool points,
    then you get all the cool reps!

    Then you go to chat and say "I can do more rep reps than you all", and bench your massive bold green name to the shock and awe of the people with skinny blue names.

    Then you sit around and just read stuff.

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    Nice to meet you too. Well i live in Australia, i'm Bi and i like to play video games

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    I hang in irc. I like to greet new members but haven't done much of it for a while, but plan to resume... basically on Adisc we help each other out with information, encouragement, advice... so I do that sort of thing where I can

    Mostly we look for others of our kind within the membership and befriend them... Adisc has a big userbase and after the shock that other recreational diaper fans exist, you can't know everyone but you can locate people with the same interests and backgrounds and attitudes...

    we really do come in all shapes and sizes and ages and with all kinds of interests...

    if you list yours it will help people to know if they want to get to know you. Music, movies, books...

    religion and politics...

    hobbies... everything. You don't have to be too revealing, go at your own pace... If you really do prefer people closer in age then listing your musical tastes and TV shows will help... probably

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