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Thread: Comparing Depends Max Protection with Pharmacy-brand diapers?

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    Default Comparing Depends Max Protection with Pharmacy-brand diapers?

    Pharmacy brand meaning the ones made by Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, etc.

    Which line is better, Depends Max or Pharmacy brands? I'm asking because I'll eventually need to make a diaper run after Thanksgiving and I want the best that these stores can offer!

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    well i just bought a pack of depends max protection and they kind of suck. after one wetting you have to change or it'll leak.
    and when you frist open them it looks like they're made for an oxypus because of the tabs, and while were on the topic of tabs there not only non-refasenable but after a few hours they may even start to come off if you didn't fasten them tight enough the first time. Next the padding is all but obsolite, it felt more like wearing pajama pants than a diaper. So i mean ive never tried the Pharmacy brands but the depends are pretty bad so its your choice

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    Well wear depend max all night never had leaks so on less flood it don't see problem with it.

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    I believe the CVS and Walgreens diapers are the cloth-like sort with velcro tapes, whereas Depends are plastic with old-school adhesive tapes. That might be enough for you to go on right there, depending on how important crinkly plastic is to you.

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    I prefer the CVS brand to the Depends but I am still exploring different store brands.

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    The crinkling actually needs to be kept at a minimum haha. I've had some good experience with the Rite Aid underwear so far; they can hold up to 3 wettings while sitting/laying, and even more if you squat and go. It's kind of a hassle, but I try to use as much of a single diaper as possible so it's necessary haha.

    I don't have a Walgreens near me but there is a CVS. Maybe I'll try some from there...

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    I've been getting away with wearing CVS ones around and nobody has really noticed so far. It's also a lot easier to get out of the velcro tape diapers as opposed to the adhesive ones if you have to change quick. As in people who aren't supposed to be home yet just got home and you have maybe 90s to get back to your normal age before they get to you.

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    The Cvs max protection with the tapes works great you can wet it sooo much more than depends and it's the quietest diaper I have ever used great buy

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    CVS switched to the clothlike, techn9ne, last I bought them.

    As far as I can tell, Right-Aid, CVS, and Walmart all use the same manufacturer for their 'store brand,' so anything that can be said about one can be said about the other two. Of them, I prefer the store brand, but that's because it's hard to find the Depends in my size, and they're 50% more. Once you learn to fasten the cheap ones, they hold pretty well, but they're no premium.

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    Go with the store brand unless you really want plastic which it sounds like you don't. All store brands are going to be about the same, so price and location are all that matter. Store brands will be more absorbant than depends, cheaper, and you can readjust or rewear them. They won't be great mind you, not as good as what you can get online, but for the price and quality store brands are great.

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