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Thread: i wore to school and got caught

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    Default i wore to school and got caught

    First of all i have been wearing for well over 10 years ages 5-17 currant and last year i wore a diaper to school like i usually do. Everyday for those 12 or so years i wore diapers to school. This time was different however i had forgotten to wear a belt and i only wear baggy clothes so as you can expect my pant fell down and for some reason i had tucked my shirt into my diaper so everybody saw it but that is not the most embarrasing part that part is the fact that it was wet and messy. I had to go to the nurses and get it changed but i was lead down there by the principal and when they called my parents my parents told them to take away my pant for the day. anybody else have the same type of experience?

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    So...You went pantless for the day? Yeah...As your second post, and your first thread...I'm not believing this for a second...Feel free to try to change my mind on the matter...As for the topic of this thread, there are already others like it

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    I have worn to school many times but have never got caught.

    And this is your first thread so I do not believe you.

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    ok so i dilibrately let my pants fall down in class and you are right i did not have to go pantsless all day or get escourted to the nurses office by the principal but i did get caught even though it was on purpose and yes i did have to get changed by the nurse

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    Haw! I guess I don't need to call anything on this thread! We all get the gist.

    Considering you are amending your story in your second post after people pointed out your fallacies, I hardly think there's any truth to this. Actually, I know there is no truth to this.


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    I'm calling BS because One If they took away your pants that is a crime and two I believe that School nurses Have to have a consent forum to change you.

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    I'm not going to comment on the above story, but I will say that I doubt I would wear diapers to school, because I do not really want to get caught. It seems a little risky! Plus, I did high school via correspondence, so I never had a chance to wear them to school.

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    Little ollie


    HAHAHA what a crock of ****ing bullshit.

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