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    Dear all,

    It has been quite some time since I was active on this forum but life has been very busy and I have moved countries. I recently moved to the US (Maryland) and I have some questions and hope someone can help.

    Firstly, I still have to properly furnish my apartment and I guess a trip to Ikea is the best way to do this. But I don't have a car and not too eager to drive here yet. It is quite difficult to go to big stores without a car, so what would be my best option? Do people have suggestions?

    Secondly, I know this may not the right area of the forum for this; but a diaper-related question, I am finally starting to settle a bit and am ready to start buying diapers again. But what is the best way to get them in the US? I very much prefer the privacy of online ordering but what is the best place? Amazon? Or a more specialised place? And which diapers are good (for instance, I know it is difficult to get abri-form x-plus back in Europe). What is safest?

    Finally, given that I am new to the US, do people have advice, tips etc, both practical and e.g things that are simply good and important to know? So far it's been great but being in a new country is always a little bit haunting, so anything that might be useful is much appreciated!



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    Welcome to America, friend.

    1. If it were a matter of not having a vehicle, I'd suggest to rent a van.
    For not wishing to drive... maybe is there a bus route that runs nearby? I'm not sure if you're living in town or where in relation to the store. Maybe Ikea has an online catalogue you could order from & have it delivered?

    2. For getting diapers online, I think the best place is

    3. Advice? Make lots of friends. Be yourself, we're all wildcards here.

    I hope this helps even a little.

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    Welcome to the States!

    As for furnishing your apartment, instead of going and dropping a bunch of money on new stuff, I'd recommend Craigslist ( If you're not familiar with it, it's basically an online classifieds, with different Craigslists for different major cities and associated regions (i.e. Baltimore, Annapolis, Detroit, Chicago, et cetera). There is an entire section for free stuff, and people often give away old couches and chairs, as well as other stuff, and there are people selling everything from cars to antiques to video games. The free furniture usually is older stuff that might be a bit worn, but generally it's all completely serviceable and will definitely get your apartment furnished on the cheap while you get yourself accustomed to life over here.

    The downside is the same one you're facing doing most retail shopping in the United States: We've structured our country in a way that grossly and overwhelmingly favors the automobile to the detriment of everything and everyone else. I would recommend getting yourself a driver's license if you haven't done it yet (if you're over 18 it shouldn't be a lot of trouble). If you're over 25, you should have no problem renting a car from a rent-a-car outfit like Hertz, but even if you're not, as long as you're 18 you can rent a van from U-Haul for a day to use around town for pretty inexpensive ($19 or $29 IIRC).

    So, I'd recommend finding some good stuff on Craigslist, then get a van to move it with. Even if you opt for new stuff, a U-Haul van will be a good bet to move it with.

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    Neighbors are a good way of getting things moved. Be friendly and honest that a universal rule. And theres this thing called "area of cultural space" essentially it's like your personal bubble in in asian countries its typically a larger space, in Italy, Spain, and other romanic derived countries its rather close. In america its in the middle about two or tree feet but people here can be huggers so that space can be broken fairly easily.

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    FYI I think Ikea has a flat 80 dollar fee in a lot of areas they will charge, at which point they will drop off anything you want, I mean a full house worth of furniture. It sounds like a lot but if you are getting an entire basic apartment furnished it is nothing. You could also rent a car for the day, but the former will probably be more convenient.

    Craigslist is an ok option, but can be a nightmare when it comes to finding things you would actually like to own. It really depends on your local.

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    Be careful getting any upholstered stuff used. Bed bugs are becoming a real problem in North America.

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    Thanks everyone for these suggestions! Brilliant!

    I got a colleague with a big van to take me to Ikea so that's no problem. Also heard that there are great offers on (Black) friday, even online (I guess stores will be so very busy?).

    I don't have much internetaccess yet, not for adisc anyway, but I'll post an update when I can. Thanks so very much for the advice.

    GoofyBenjamin: thanks! Thats actually a very interesting topic in itself
    MasterPython: I would only do it for shelves, cupboard, dressers etc. I like to have new bedding and its not that expensive. Thanks for the advice though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoD View Post
    GoofyBenjamin: thanks! Thats actually a very interesting topic in itself
    your welcome I don't know where your from and that advice can be important sometimes.

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