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    Hi, I just joined adisc and im very excited to meet new people who like diapers. For me, wearing diapers is a fetish for me. I only wear baby diapers such as luvs 6 and pampers 6 and 7 and also goodnites. I really hope I can meet some new people with the same interest in diapers as me. Just reply or message me if you are interested. [Removed]

    Can't wait to meet new people, thanks for your time!
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    Hi Dawg5400! Glad you've joined and are excited to meet all of us. I am also new on here and know no one yet so, yes love to meet you! I'm wearing a pampers easy-up right now. I love baby nappies too! What do you do in your spare time? I train with women's football and also work on my flexibility and do yoga. I am a student. What do you do? xx

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    nice to meetcha dawg ^_^ so can you tell us a little more about yourself please?

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    Hello, It is very nice to meet you dawg. I believe that there is a skype group that you might be interested in. In the mean time though what do you like to do?

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    Well I love sports and to be outdoors and that's pretty much it. But I would love to join that skype group! It would be great if you could give it to me! [Removed]
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