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    Hi everybody

    Just thought I'd drop by and introduce myself. I'm a 23/m/DL from New York. I've been trying to break my way into the ABDL community for a really long time, but I'm super shy and generally tend to stay more toward the sidelines... it's funny how much that reminds me of high school.

    Anyway, there's not a whole lot to say about me by was of introductions. I'm an absolute movie fanatic, especially horror and indy films. My favorites being The Seventh Seal and Rope. I play the guitar, bass guitar and drums proficiently and love punk rock. Favorite bands include Alkaline Trio (except for their new album), The Misfits, The Cramps and The Smiths. That last one really isn't punk rock, but they satisfy my whinier side.

    Hmmm... Not sure how much more there is to say about myself. I'm kind of new to this site and I really hope I've found the right place and that I've finally found a place where I can be comfortable.

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    Curious range of interests you've got going there, but I'm not complaining. I hope you'll find the place to your liking. Read around, make posts as appropriate, and you'll soon get a good feel for the place.

    Keats and Yeats are on your side
    but you lose because Wilde is on mine

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    welcome and best of luck in making new freinds, dont let shyness or anything else hold u back from your life's potential! Enjoy the journey! ~ Will

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