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Thread: how to carry a extra diaper into a public restroom

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    Default how to carry a extra diaper into a public restroom

    hey everyone im new to this site not new at being a DL but anyways i was wondering how do u guys get an extra diaper in a public restroom without getting noticed. Wanted to see if anyone has any ideas. I really want to change my diaper in a stall but i don't want anyone to know thats what im doing. Also for guys what do u do with the used diaper because most mens bathroom do not have trash cans in the stall like womens restrooms do?

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    hhmm.....idk, that could get tricky?

    packpack? messenger bag??

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    If you can manage to hide it in your clothing somewhere, then go with that...Otherwise you put it in some bag of some sort if you can...

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    Well, considering you are you in public and carrying around spare diapers, I can only assume you have a backpack (or other non-transparent item carrier) with you anyway.

    As for disposing... carry around a plastic bag and wrap the used diaper up in it and put it back in your carry bag. Drop the diaper in a bin when you can.

    Simple solutions to a simple problems.

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    Is there just not a better option than just putting it in a bag or backpack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickal View Post
    Is there just not a better option than just putting it in a bag or backpack?
    Not really...You could try hiding under clothes, or maybe hidden within like a jacket or something that you're carrying/wearing...But that's it beyond bags...If you're wearing enough to be changing in public, then you should have bags for these things

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    I normally use my hands, then carry it out and drop it in the garbage can.

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    I find it's easiest to tuck it in your armpit under your shirt, and don't swing your arms when you walk. No mysterious rectangular bulges, no worries.

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    put the unused diaper in you pocket and then when you change put the used one in the trash when no one is around.

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