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    so i decided to join, im kinda new to this and extremly shy =T.T=

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    Sorry if my introduction is not all awesomeness, just can't find any words to say about myself other than I am interested in diapers... maybe some will come tomorrow. If so I will reply or make a new introduction.

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    Well, diapers should be aa given, but what else do you like? Do yoou like to Roleplay, or write?

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    Hey there no need to be shy here, I've not been here that long but this place seems pretty safe to me anyways, Welcome! Hope you have a good time here

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    I haven't done role playing since high school but yeah I like to role play. I am manic depressive so writing doesn't happen as much as I would like it to, but I do like to write. I am a Runescape nerd too =^.^=

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    man havent played runescape in forever, but sounds good to me ^_^

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    Hello I haven't done rune scape since every one I play with started hating on wizards . What else do you like?.

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    hello and welcome aboard
    I see you listed japanese rock as an interest, I never thought I'd run into somebody who shares that interest here, what bands do you like?

    I like Asian kung fu generation, stance punks, analog fish, soutaisei riron (相対生理論), monkey majik.... you know what the list is pretty long maybe I should start a music thread.

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    Hello and welcome to the fun world of adisc. Its okay if your shy but can you tell us a little more about you like what are your hobbies do you play any sports, video game, anime, etc.

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    Welcome to ADISC. I can probably guarantee that most of us are shy in some shape or form but its a pretty tight knit community here so feel welcome.

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