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Thread: 3 10" subwoofers

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    Default 3 10" subwoofers

    Hehe, I got 3 of em now

    1 Pyle woofer
    2 mtx thunder 6000s

    amazingly im not getting the compression and loudness that most get... nothing compared to a good 12" sub in a car.. my compression isnt there... basically saying, my bass isnt loud and obnoxious, its deep, sounds good, and most importantly doesnt take up space, im using unused spaces

    but I think my problem is that my room is not empty, it is filled with stuff x.x

    I'll figure out something with my subwoofers after I get a place in a couple years, prehaps with another abdl that likes music with the quality

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    Dude Im a tiny bit of an audiophile and I have no clue what your talking about.

    Explain it in laymans terms

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    compression is what I call getting pressure from low bass, a good sub can produce powerful compression at 15hz.
    the reason my room is the problem is because the bass is dampened by my walls since they have shelves and other junk on them.... in other words, I get no bass
    and at the top, that would be my models...

    and in other news, today is the day TBE gets blown away

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    I'm not exactly sure what your talking about but I think I know, and nice.

    On my computer, my audio system may not look good, but it sounds amazing. I've freaked out my friends with the bass before =D it was fun.

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    I consider anything over 500 watts in bass to be overkill. And I'm talking about huge 1500-2000 watt systems.

    Bass wattage is just not that necessary. Once you start to get the power over about 30%, the sound quality really starts to deteriorate. But don't get me wrong, I love my bass, I just can't have nothing but bass.

    It amuses me how people can think "Wow.. 3000 watt sub for $30! Not PMPO either! It's gotta be too good to be true". It is. I'm not sure what method is used to screw with RMS power ratings, but it's used by a lot of companies. I -think- it has to do with extrapolation. Some fan manufacturers use this method to boast "quieter" fans, when they're actually measured at quite a distance and with a sensitive microphone.

    Basically, you get what you pay for. And 3000 watt subs are something you would use at a Metallica concert - not in the boot of your car!

    By the way Jake, I hardly think that junk on the shelves is going to reduce bass. If -anything-, it may amplify it slightly. Other than that, I'm sure that china rattling on the shelves when you're trying to watch a movie would drive you somewhat nuts (and give you a fright when it falls!).

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    it doesnt rattle shelves and im not running 500w+, im pushing 75w rms, and the reason im using 3 is because my room dampens too much, the only thing that rattled was my keyboard which was taken care of with 1 layer of foam... simple and easy, high output and very clean, my bass is good bass, not shitty bass, not ridiculously loud bass, balanced out perfectly with the right crossover, my system is on upward of the 800$ stereo system range...

    Lets face it, my stuff is considered audiophile quality and you cant say it isn't unless you have heard my system, im getting tired of people claiming to high hells that they're Monitor Audio tower speakers are better than my slab, I have good beat, very good sound quality, and the best part low cost...

    The people that constantly nag about it are either Jealous or just buttholes...

    current system specs

    high amp - 50w rms x 4 (each speaker)
    low amp - 75w rms x 2 (3rd wired in as second left)

    You haven't seen my junk, hehe
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    alright, I do realize that video was crap, picture uploaded in gallery

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    You have to be there to really experience this system...insanity for $150+. The bass might as well shake the house apart and the quality of the mids and uppers are great. One of these days ill steal those MTXs and stick them in my car!

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    any cheap sub and tweeter recommendations and amp recommendations, i want audiophile quality with out the hefty price. i want a starter system, but dont have the money,
    jake can you recommend ways to make money [at 14] to buy sub systems, tweeters, and amps, and other stuff i want including diapers

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