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    I'm still slightly new to Threads so I'm sorry if I did anything wrong.

    I'm a Boy scout, a band geek, and Christian so I go to a lot of summer camps. Needless to say i have a significant amount of stories I've accumulated and i would like to know what other people have experienced.

    I'll start off. this one time at scout camp we went sledding and to make it more fun we did it by the shooting rang... the Camp Chief little Turtle range was bult in the middle of a valley surrounded by steep hills that tun into cliffs. (see were this is going) i was the first to go first and i wanted something to comfort me. This came by way of a clay target duck. one quick shove and what must have been thirty feet later I tried jumping off the sled and laded onto a snow bank shattering the duck on my chest.

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    This one time, at theatre camp some idiot put Oreos in the microwave to recreate "deep-fried Oreos" ... ended up setting off the fire alarm and having to evacuate the dorms... stupid actors.

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    once at scout camp(Powhatan)in VA. some friends and I tipped a porta-potty over with our scout master inside.SHOUT OUT TO TROOP 129!!!

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    I worked as the assistant director and accompanist for a large 3200 member Methodist Church. We had summer choir camps, and one summer, some of the high school campers took everything from the camp choir room and put it up on the roof, chairs podium and all just like it was in the room. The only thing they didn't move was the piano.

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    When I was a counselor at a christian summer camp down the shore, a couple of other counselors and I decided to play a prank on the kids in attic dormitory(12 beds up there). They told a ghost story while I waited in the closet. After they were done with the story and left(they just went to the bottom of the steps) I started scratching at the door and moaning softly. It backfired on me though because the activities director found the others laughing at the bottom of the steps and started questioning them. The closet I was in only opened from the outside so I was stuck in there until one of them broke down and told the full story of what we were doing about 45 minutes after they ended the story.

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