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Thread: Bought Bambinos and AB Cushies

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    Default Bought Bambinos and AB Cushies

    I just wanted to share that I just ordered some bambinos and ab cushies for the first and and I am loving them! I'm so happy right now! I've wanted these for so long. So to the people who have tried these diapers what and how was your first experience with these diapers?

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    Bambinos are awesome! I've been using them for a long time. However, I have never tried Cushies, for two reasons. First being that I don't trust ABU and second, I've heard terrible things about Cushies. From other people that I've spoken too it sounds like they are more for looks, and that they don't make practical diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iastatedl View Post
    i cant wear the one tapes, just dont fit me right.
    This bothers me too. I feel like the one tapes would not make for a proper fit. I like my diapers nice and snug, and saying that I don't get taken out of them until Daddy decides they have to hold up to a lot of abuse. I feel the Bambinos are far more superior.

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    im wearing the new bambinos for the first time, and im not worried about leaks. In another thread i talked about not being able to wear them at night, but ya know, with these i just might! I like the waist to be snug, with the one tapes its kind of floppy (kind of hard to explain)

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    I heard the new ones are much thicker! I just ordered a case but I won't have access to them till next month.

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    Yeah, there's a reason all adult diapers designed for incontinent adults have two or more tapes per side. You need more support for adult diapers because they're fitting a differently-shaped body and holding more weight than baby diapers.

    The Cushies one-tape design is form over function - it might "look" more babyish, but it makes the diaper less usable.

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    Supposed i should actually respond to the thread. ABU cushies - wasnt too impressed. Like I said the one tape just isnt for me. I WANTED to like it, since its more babyish, but just didnt work out. They did stay pretty secure tho... just... nyah. But what im wearing now, the new Bambinos (what a bad name, they are now called Bellissimo) these are pretty cool. definitely wider in the front area so the whole front swells up nd just feels great. the plastic is not very noisy, a little disappointing, but overall... very good.

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