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    On those diaper-facebook type sites I always get shit loads of messages from people in my area, but have never responded to a single one, because I was intensely afraid of other DL's being crazy sex fetish rapists, and I enjoy being a social recluse. Just me and my computer all day nigguh. Anyways, either I had a sudden change of heart, or I'm just super fucking horny tonight, cus I just went crazy and replied to all of them. Assuming I'm actually going to stick to this plan, can you guys give me a run down of what usually happens when you meet with another DL? Like what you do, how you act? Are most people gonna wanna play around or have sex? Do people expect you to let them change you? I'm thinking that both of us just wear diapers and socks, make dinner together, then watch a movie, play a board game, or something like that while getting drunk as all hell. That's my idea of an ideal night, but that might just be me. I'm not really an AB, so it's not like I'm gonna be doing any roleplaying or baby stuff. I just posted in this forum because it seemed like the best place to ask.

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    I got a lot of good advice on my first RL meetup. Most people are just 'normal' on the first meetup. I barely talked about diapers at all. Neither did he. But we did chat and get to know each other OK on IRC before we ever met up for reals.

    I would read some of the posts in this Thread... lots of good advice.

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    All of my meetups with other ABDL people weren't much different from an average night/afternoon out with some other non-ABDL friends, except for the fact we were diapered under our regular clothes, and some talk about diaper-related stuff which was, anyway, marginal. The farthest I've gone was helping one of these guys to get padded. It must be said that all of these meetups were with people I was seeing for the first time, so I guess going further than we did could have been a bit awkward for both of us. Not that I wouldn't like to have meetups which involved a more intimate kind of contact, but I hardly see it happening at the first time, unless we both were so lucky to have an instant crush on each other

    In the end, what to expect all depends on who you're meeting up with and which are your reciprocal expectations, for sure there are a lot of people who will instantly jump on you and try to get you laid, and if there's a mutual agreement I don't see anything wrong in it.

    Personally I'm very picky when it comes to sharing such an intimate part of me, and therefore I've always been very cautious in choosing people to meet up with. Luckily, so far I can say that all of my meetups have led me to get to know awesome people, too bad most of them live hundreds of Kms away from me!

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    I met up with a DL and we went for a coffee and a walk around town. Then we had dinner at mine and I showed him my nappy collection. He had brought me some adult nappies to try. It was nice really. We may meet up again.

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    There is an article on here of course

    I have not met up with anyone however I would still have to recommend against meeting random people that just pmed you! You want to build up a relationship first, meet somewhere public, etc!

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    I would be interested in meeting up with another ABDL in my area but haven't really been bothered to go hunting for people to meet up with. Preferably I'd want to meet up with someone from this site because it seems to have fairly rational members as opposed to some of the other sites I have peaked into from time to time.

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