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Thread: Is it ever a good idea to tell people about your FETISH?

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    Default Is it ever a good idea to tell people about your FETISH?

    I know it's good to tell long-term spouses and what not, but is it a good idea to tell anyone else?

    It's understandable to want to tell people about ABism, but that's a lifestyle choice, you know? A diaper fetish is just...something. It's not a choice, just a kink. I guess the main reason I've been contemplating telling an old friend is to simply get it off my chest.

    So I guess another question to the title is if I should tell this friend or not. What do you think?

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    I'd say don't you don't want them to look at you different and there really isn't any reason ive told one person my gf and that's cuz we live under the same roof

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    I never even see this friend anymore, we're hundreds of miles away. I don't ever talk to her either, so I think it'd be okay if she took it badly. I feel as though if I explained enough then it would clear up any negative thoughts.

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    It was certainly worth me telling my mother, even though I don't live with her. It was also worth telling my brother. For me this isn't a fetish, or even a lifestyle, it's my life. They would have found out eventually so I'd rather than find out on my terms rather than getting misinformation from the Internet.

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    I don't tell anyone. What are your reasons for wanting to tell?

    I see my diapers as a life style because I wear them 24/7. But I don't plan on staying in them 24/7 because soon I will get tired of it or decide it's time to wear off and on again when my son gets older. I haven't told my parents I am in them 24/7 again because do they need to know everything I do in my life? I don't tell them what bras I wear or what underwear I wear or tell them what I have on everyday so why diapers? If they ask me about it, I'd tell them.

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    Negative thoughts from the friend, I mean, hypothetically saying she gets any after hearing about it..haha.

    I'm not planning on telling anyone in my family, because I have REALLY bad trust issues with my sister, and rightfully so. She has a huge mouth!

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    It's just something that I'd like to get off my chest. I want to tell because I've been concerned about people's thoughts on it, and I think this friend is a great starting point.

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    First rule of diaper fetish is don't talk about diaper fetish
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    Surely you should tell your partner before marrying them, better that they know what you like and they are getting themselves into now rather than an awkward confrontation a few years into a marriage that could lead to a horrible divorce. Friends don't need to know but with partners honesty is vital for a good relationship.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I would say that it's important to disclose if you're getting married or are going to be co-habitating long-term.

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