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Thread: Ok I'm freaking out I have never done this .

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    Default Ok I'm freaking out I have never done this .

    Hi everyone I m freaking out I have never done this before . I do not like porn stuff at all and was told this is where I should go. Ok ok I have been in diapers for 22 years from a bad automobile accident .it crushed me inside burst my blader it's ruined . Tried the tube thing bad bad , then tried a diaper . I have suffered this for a long time hid for years from people . But my spirit became so I love my diapers very much . I have braces on my legs to hold me up . I'm small 147 pounds and a small guy . I have never ever been a macho person was even dabbled in the gay community years ago . I just really child like not gay . Been married for 18 years now but we don't do --- you know , my parts don't work I'm just like a child in that respect . Being this way keeps me at home lots and very quiet . Ok it's really hard to write this !

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    Ok so now I'm trying to reach out and have friends I can talk to that are ok this way . I have studied the AB DL community for years quietly hidden away wondering if there is people who understand . I fell in love with baby like clothing when I feel small it makes me feel ok . This has nothing to do with sex at all I just feel this way !

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    Is there any one out there ?

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    Boo, you are definitely in the right place. There may be 'sex talk' on here from time to time, but it is mature conversations on the subject, not sexy talk, but actual conversations about sex related topics. That is one of the big PLUS's of this site. There are some on here that have had very similar stories to yours. Some are married, some have had major accidents and are now IC and in diapers.

    I will kinda warn you that the 'older' population is a bit of a minority on here, but there are several active 'older' members. I think they even have a group. There are a LOT of people on here that enjoy babyish items and they range from 13-99 (i don't think we actually have a 99yr old on here).

    So to answer your question... YES, they are out there.

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    Guess this is helping me come out and be me ! It's scary because I have tried a couple sites they were full of pervert and I do mean off the chart nasty . I don't like that it's not necessary in my opinion but I not made that way . Perhaps some one can here me I just want some friends that can love people for who they are and be sweet not nasty . Hope I'm not wasting my time exposing my innocent life style it's all I have. If you have never herd of a couple being married but for only love and concern no sex well it works for some of us . But isolation from the world for me because no matter were I go diapers crinkle people figure it out and some really look at me like What . Thank god above I'm not ugly I tend to have lady jaw tiny nose so I don't age much . My wife says I have a baby face and my dentist says my jaw is so small they removed teeth when I was a child my jaw was to small . I was the 5th smallest guy in high school and was raped by 3 bad boys ,they told the police I was to pretty to be a boy that's why they did that to me . I have never ever got past that it haunts me to this day . It's hard to deal with back then you were simply called ugly names and teachers did nothing . Can't believe teachers would allow that behavior but in the early 80s they did allow small boys to be hurt . Sad! Today things are changing , guess you can see I don't have anyone to talk to but my dogs lol they are all sweeties spoil led rotten . God made dogs for people ! Cats too!

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    I just read your reply thank you ! It's really scary for me doing this but it's been in me for so long I need to get it out and finally share my life .

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    Bed time gotta get to bed sleepy time ! Good night all all check back in the morning byby

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    You're in the right place. You should also join the chat I'm on it currently. Lots of friendly people and many of us can help you on problems you have. We're here to help, so ask away. (of course being polite and following the rules, but if you're here for the long haul i'm sure you're already going to do that)

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    Hey buddy,

    welcome from South Australia. I'm sorry to hear about your history, but I'm sure you made the right decision to join here. You will find here lots of great people in a friendly PG-13 atmosphere, thats also the only reason I joined. You will find here alot of mature people to talk about serious stuff or you can just hang around having a good time.

    I've red in you profile that you're into science. Could you tell a little more about what kind of science you're interested in, as I'm also active in this regards.


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