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Thread: Summer Olympics women's gymnastics

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    Default Summer Olympics women's gymnastics

    Well, it's about time. The IOC is finally opening an investigation into the correct ages of the female Chinese gymnasts. I personally think they should have started one when the first complaint came in. What does everybody else think?

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    I think out of common courtesy, China being the host nation and all, that they didn't start the investigation sooner. This is will undoubtedly cause upset amongst the Chinese population, especially if any medal are stripped and awards to others. But hey, if China feels they need to lie about their athlete's ages just to have a medal chance, then that's a pretty sad reality for them.

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    Yeah I agree with Lukie. I mean, if China wants to win THAT bad, they still need to follow the IOC rules. Even if they are the host country. I mean, come on. 16? They barely look 13! This is kind of ridiculous that they would go that far to win. I guess that means out of a population of 1 something billion people, they have to have half of the team underage. Sad.

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    I agree that China needs to follow the same rules that everyone else has to. But isn't it strange that a 13 yr. old has an edge over a 16 yr. old. How many sports are like that? Japan has won a number of World Series because they have had older kids, as well as pooling kids from many teams, rather than playing their best team as the U.S. does.

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    I think it's that because the kids are younger, they are more agile, however they usually lack experience, so it doesn't always work.

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    I just wanna know when they (the IOC) changed the rules?

    34 years ago in Montreal...the world watched as 13 year old Nadia Comenice took home the GOLD for Romania in gymnastics.

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    Eh, who knows. They probably got sick and tired of a bunch of 13 year old gold medalists. It really is unfair most times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fastandfurious483 View Post
    I think it's that because the kids are younger, they are more agile, however they usually lack experience, so it doesn't always work.
    I thought about that too, But really, Even at 16 or 20. They are still young and proberbly got a bit more strength than the younger counterparts, so might do a few higher flips and the like.

    Given chine being China, I am not surprised such a country tried to do such a thing. But I would of thought there would be a better older wiser gymnast to take the spot. But I am sure we had out opinions when China won the vote of being host in 2008.

    I think china being the host has nothing to do with the fact that there are underage girls, I am sure they would of done the same else where. As the IOC base it of the countries passport, which china can easily forge for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    especially if any medal are stripped and awards to others.
    Personally, if I was an Olympic participant, didn't win any award, then had one handed to me due to a disqualification, I wouldn't want it. My feeling would be, if I didn't earn it by my own performance then I don't deserve it. I saw the look on the face of one of the men's track runners who made it to the bronze because TWO faster runners were disqualified for stepping on the lines. You could read his facial expression and tell he wasn't happy about getting the medal that way.

    Didn't mean to stray off the main topic, but Lukie's comment made me think about disqualifications and the feelings other contestants might have about winning on technicalities.


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    Footed P.J.


    Pram, good thinking, in my opinion. Although the other side of that is he was third best out of those known to be playing by the rules, and that is an accomplishment. Being good, but being careful not to breach the rules. A medal is a medal. It's just too bad in those cases I don't think the ceremony can be redone.

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