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Thread: What do you play?

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    Default What do you play?

    What musical instrument/s do you play and or own?

    I play guitar and bass. I currently own--

    2002 Fender Telecaster (Seymore Duncan Hotstack bridge pickup)

    2000 Fender Stratocaster

    2001 Gibson Explorer (EMG pickups)

    Warwick Corvette Pro Line 4 string bass.

    (All "MADE IN U.S.A")

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    i play the cello, and i'm going to be in the pit orchestra for this years musical. i'm excited.

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    I own a Gibson SG Epiphone, but I can't play it lol :p
    That's why I like DJ'ing, because it doesn't involve any notes, oh and I'm really good at drums, because I don't need to know notes for that either

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    I play a Bb Vincent Bach Stradivarius with a 43-star (light weight) bell. I've been playing trumpet for about 13 years.

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    I've been programming drums for over ten years now, starting out on an old Roland MC-303. It was an old and rather underestimated DJ piece, sold for its pre-made beats and the ease with which they could be mixed into music... but I ended up learning how to embrace its substantial sound library and programmability. I upgraded from that to an MC-505 and then later began to learn using Fruity Loops and various other drum-sequencing programs.

    I play piano and keyboard on the side. I used to play classical piano, but after having learned it for six years in school and then not touching a piano for about five years afterwards, I lost most of everything I had learned. I've been dabbling in guitar and bass here and there, but I manage only a few chords and haven't yet gotten used to the intricacies.

    One of my favorite "instruments" to play comes with working vocals. I can't sing, but I do love dropping down a vocal part just to rip it apart -- to cut it into specific words and phrases, sample it, turn it into its own rhythm. Samples are really fun to work with!

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    I play the harmonix xb360 white 2006 guitar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
    I play the harmonix xb360 white 2006 guitar.
    Thats my line!

    Even though mine is the black Harmonix Ps3 wireless Stratocaster.

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    I play guitar, violin, drums, and I scream!
    guitar- Schecter Omen 6
    violin- some piece of crap
    drums- some kind of DW drums
    microphone- Shure SM58

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    I have 2 synthesizers.

    Korg microKORG - fun and incredibly powerful.

    Roland SH-101 - It's a great synth, but I'm not really liking it too much, so I'll be selling it off soon.

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    Oy, Lukie, should you want to sell it off to anyone in particular.. well, you make an offer and I'll see what I can do! *wink, nudge, wink, nudge*

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