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Thread: nosy parents?

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    Default nosy parents?

    lately my mom has been calling me from every corner of the house asking what im doing, and whenever im on the computer she makes sure to walk by it as many times as possible. and when she sees im texting she asks who im talking to. since i cant just say it to her (uber-emotional), how do i make it known to her that not everything is her damn business?

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    How about a simple and polite "Please mom, Iīm 16, couldnīt you allow me some privacy?"

    On the other hand I canīt really relate. My parents gave me ample privacy, they had their hands full with my little brother

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    yeah the thing is that even if i were to say that she would waaaay overreact. she'd be super emotional about it and it wouldnt go down well. and i have a younger sibling, but my mom does the same to her.

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    know that whats shes doing she's probably doing out of concern for your safety.

    simply reassure her your neither on crack nor having unprotected sex with multiple anonymous partners.

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    Or sex at all I should hope maybe spending a bit a one on one time would quell her curiosity.

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    I think she will lay off soon enough. Tell her you need privacy.

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    Tell her your texting, (insert name of friend that she likes). Sometimes you have to be creative, more so than factual. She's playing games, so you need to play the same game, only better.

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    she doesnt like any of them, she says that just by looking at them she can tell. i want to tell her she's being an imbecile for making assumptions like that, but but that wouldnt get a good response. and Soupy, she doesnt. she just likes controlling things and is power hungry. in other words, overboard

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    I'd say i'm writing a script for this hardcore pornography that makes Orgasmo seem like Dora the Explorer in the most sincere tone possible.

    then on the other hand you could just ask for privacy and for her to trust you.

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    well then the best option may be to suck it up for a few more years and move.

    any plans for college maybe one out of state?

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