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Thread: white stuff on paci

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    Default white stuff on paci

    I've had my favourite paci for a while now and just recently i noticed that there's a strange white stuff marking some parts of the latex nipple
    I know they aren't meant to last forever, and it may be the latex degrading but I wash it regularly and haven't had any ill effects from its continued use. I just wondered what it is. Any ideas, or anyone else had this with latex pacis?

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    Is it kind of just a white tint to the rubber on certain parts of it, or is it something that's actually built up on it?

    Also, when you suck it, does it seem smooth or textured?

    And how long have you had it, and is it a Nuk 5 or a baby one?

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    thanks for the reply.
    It's a nuk 5, doesn't seem to rub off or wash off, has no odd scent to it, but it is rough and looks like a build up. I've had it for about six months now, wash it before and after every use just to be sure its not bacteria. however it does have a slight rough texture to it and is only around the back area near the guard, not the rounded front end.
    I'd also add that im fairly certain its not come from me (though i may be wrong). My first thought was plaque type fuzz you get on your teeth if you dont brush but its unlikely
    I'm obsessive when it comes to my teeth and i brush at least twice (sometimes three times) a day.

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    Just scratch it off with your finger nail when you're washing it.

    It's plaque. You can brush your teeth all you want; you're still going to have a ton of bacteria in your mouth and thus bacterial waste products. Such is life.

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