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Thread: Things you can't live without

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    Default Things you can't live without

    We all have things that we cannot live without and I don't mean that literally. For lot of us, it's diapers and infantlism and if we were to give it up, it be depressing. Well I think anyone would feel the same way if they had to give something up they enjoy. It's part of them.

    What other things would you not want to give up because it's part of you and you enjoy it?

    For me that be video games and computer. I cannot imagine not ever living without a computer and video games. For my dad, that probably be sports since he always watches them and listens to it on the radio and for my mother, that probably be reading since she enjoys it and she also enjoys home and gardening so I bet she wouldn't be able to live without those things. Computers and video games are a big part of my life even though i don't play lot of games anymore like I used to but I still cannot imagine not ever being able to play one again. That goes for reading too even though I am not as much into it as my mother is because she reads a lot more than I do. I read online, she reads lot of books. But I decided to get back into reading books again so I put my Nintendo 3DS away unless I have a game for it from Gamefly.

    I bet this be a good example to explain our diapers to people such as to our parents and partners. Ask them what do they enjoy and after they tell you, ask them how would they feel if you told them they had to give it up because you don't like it. Can they do it? Can they go without it and never ever do it again? That's how diapers feel for us. Maybe that will help them accept it in us.

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    At this point, we're all adapted to it.
    After 3 months without electricity, just you SEE how much of the human population is gone.

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    I would die without fish and mum dosent leave it in the house.

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    Internet (Fine I can, but i won't like it very much)
    Electricity (again, I can but really.)

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    The first post says things that you can't live with but not literally. For me that would include ABDLism, the Internet and artificial light. My life would grind to a dull, depressing pit of despair without them. That's why I have a bedroom full of diapers, a laptop with a 10 hour battery life and loads of battery powered lamps

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    music that's about it

    I would be happy just living in the woods.

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    Well if you took "You can't live without it" literally you would die right. But we won't die if we couldn't have what we enjoyed. But we just say we can't live without it meaning we won't be able to stand living without it.

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    Oh yeah, I definitely wouldn't want to give up electricity. I don't think anyone can.

    Internet, maybe because I can always steal my neighbor's internet connection.

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    my nappies, chocolate, anime, saturday morning cartoons. These are the things Id hate to live without

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    #1 My Blanky

    #2 and up
    Friends, Computer, internet (computer and internet to me probably should be read as even more friends, just not as close. And all my family I keep in touch with through the computer, I mean ALL my family now I'm living on my own)

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    in no order
    1. any of my plushies (Rusty most of all)
    2. my guitars
    3. logic pro 9 and sibelius
    4. MUSIC
    5. nappies

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