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Thread: Mythbusters Top Dozen Water Myths

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    Default Mythbusters Top Dozen Water Myths

    Anyone else see Mythbusters last night? They did the top dozen myths that revolve around water.

    The funny thing was that they revisited the 'Chinese Water Torture' myth and Adam admitted that he had worn an 'adult diaper' (looked like a cheap Depends pull-up) while doing that and had lost control of his bladder. They actually showed the bit of filming where it had happened, he suddenly jumped up and ran out of the room where they were doing it.

    Kari was on after that saying that they found out that the adult diapers were for 'leakage' not a full-on pee.

    Too funny.

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    I hate when they use cheap nasty nappies not fitted properly, they need to use premium ones.

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    We need a letter writing campaign for them to cover that myth again in a later episode! Cheap stuff is for leakage, high end can take multiple flooding! And here I always thought that show had a good budget and good researchers...

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